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Traffic Builders are hoping to win big at the European Search Awards after being shortlisted for 9 awards

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Published Date 19.04.2023

At Traffic Builders we strive to push marketing boundaries by offering full-funnel marketing services. We develop award-winning strategies by implementing our own REAN®-model and -framework. The proven-effective REAN®-model ensures an integrated approach in which campaign objectives, marketing channels, communication and KPI’s are aligned optimally. After winning in 2022, we are thrilled to announce we have been nominated for the European Search Awards in 9 different categories in 2023.

9 Nominations

We are very proud to announce we have been nominated in 9 different categories with three of our clients in the following categories:

  • Best Integrated Campaign
  • Best Local Campaign (PPC)
  • Best Use of Data (PPC)
  • Best Use of Search – Health
  • Best SEO Campaign
  • Best Use of Search B2C (SEO)
  • Best Use of Search Finance (SEO)
  • Best Pan European Campaign
  • Best use of Search – B2B (PPC)

About our clients and cases


For Mediq, we successfully developed one lead generation strategy for two very different target groups. For this case we collaborated with our partner Quantcast. Quantcast is a powerful audience intelligence platform that helps businesses improve their digital advertising strategies. Quantcast’s AI-powered algorithms analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and behaviors that allow advertisers to reach their desired audiences more effectively. Its reporting and optimization tools enable businesses to monitor campaign performance in real-time, make data-driven decisions, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Leaseplan Bank (SEO)

In 2022, LeasePlan Bank (LPB) decided to adopt a more content-driven strategy with the goal of becoming the authority on saving. To achieve this, it is important to reach, inspire, and convince (potential) savers to save with LPB. Traffic Builders was asked to develop a strategy for building online authority and to reach and stimulate the different target audiences with relevant and SEO-optimized content, tailored to specific personas. We ensure that the Hygiene and Hub content is in order and create an internal link strategy to optimize user-friendliness and maximize online visibility, which also gives a boost to page rankings in Google. Periodic keyword analyses form the basis for content ideas and help us find untapped keywords. We use the content hub model with a main theme and several sub-themes with multiple blogs. To maximize the use of new and existing content, we distribute it through various channels, for example with an influencer campaign and through social organic.


Belden aims to grow in the European manufacturing industry for the installation, maintenance, and automation of data processes and safety. The goal is to achieve awareness in 11 European countries (measurable in impressions), where Belden is more visible as a solutions partner. Additionally, they aim to generate at least 400 MQLs as potential leads for Belden’s Solution Account Managers. We create multiple touchpoints to reach the target audience in different stages, using upper-funnel programmatic display ads, LinkedIn, PPC, and YouTube. We collaborate with Foundry, which is known as an internationally relevant publisher in the technology sector and provides access to millions of individuals and behavioral insights that are contextually relevant. Foundry also offers the media solution NEON360, which uses 1st party quality intent and 3rd party intent data to track engagement of visitors within and outside the ecosystem.


Founded in 2001 as one of the first PPC and SEO agencies in The Netherlands, Traffic Builders has over 22 years of experience with digital marketing and analytics. As a full-funnel marketing agency, we enable you to reach the right people at the right moments, with the most appealing message, in every phase of the customer journey. With a team of approximately 70 highly experienced specialists and consultants, we offer full-funnel marketing services like Strategy, Customer Experience Optimisation, SEO, SEA, Programmatic Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, Marketplaces and Digital Analytics. These specialists and consultants are experienced in competitive industries, from E-commerce, Finance, and Insurance, to Automotive and Healthcare.


Traffic Builders is part of UNBOUND Group, a platform organization that houses expertise in all aspects of marketing, such as brand development, creatives, digital marketing, and data management. Through UNBOUND, we can develop holistic brand- and campaign concepts for our clients, that align with our full-funnel vision on media.


To provide clients with award-winning strategies, we use our own REAN®-model and -framework. The model is used to develop, execute, and adjust effective marketing strategies, by ensuring synergy between marketing channels and focus on the right metrics within the different phases of the customer journey. The model has been proven effective for chances or challenges in numerous disciplines, including digital transformationproposition development and communicationmarketing strategy and budgeting, and KPI’s and marketing channel management.

What it would mean to win an award

First of all: being shortlisted for any marketing award is already a notable accomplishment. But winning an European Search Award will be a tremendous achievement for any marketer or agency. It signifies recognition of hard work, creativity, and expertise. In the case of the European Search Awards, it highlights the effectiveness of our strategies in driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing revenue for our clients. Winning an award is a testimony to our team’s dedication, collaborative efforts, and exceptional results. The award ceremony in Lisbon will be an unforgettable experience whether we can take home an award or not. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the success with peers and industry leaders, and to showcase the achievements of our amazing creative industry.

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