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Reboot Online Receives Three Nominations at the European Search Awards

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Published Date 18.04.2024

We were delighted to hear the news that we’ve received three nominations at the prestigious European Search Awards. We’re optimistic that we can take home the prizes for Best Use of Search – Finance (SEO) (Large), Best Use of Content Marketing (Large), and Best Use of Data (SEO) (Large).

About Us

Reboot was founded in 2012 by Naomi and Shai Aharony, and in that time we’ve pleased many clients in a range of industries, with our efficient processes and speedy service. Over the years we’ve worked tirelessly to fine-tune everything we do whether that be in the search department, digital PR or in content writing.

Sound SEO is the bedrock of everything we do, we are an SEO company after all. Over the years we’ve conducted many SEO experiments to ensure that we are always ahead of the algorithm. Among the studies we’ve conducted are investigations into how duplicate images can harm SEO performance and how human written content still reigns supreme over that generated by AI

In all, over 700 SEOs have referred to our research, putting us in the position of thought leaders in this crowded and competitive industry.

Over the past 12 months especially, we have focused on expanding our team, so that we can deliver top-quality results for all our clients. We now have 75 Rebootians each with their own individual skills and experience. Collaboration is key to everything we do which is why our digital PR team works hand-in-hand with our content marketers and graphics team to produce campaigns that really capture the imagination.

How we deliver high quality results for our clients

We follow a rigorous process to ensure that every page we produce, and every campaign we run, hits the heights of standards. 

Step 1: Robust planning process

To start with, we conduct thorough research of the topic at hand. We also conduct competitor analysis to see what kind of content is ranking, and how we can beat it. After this, we embark on some extensive keyword research to ensure that the content we write has plenty of high-value keywords with strong search volumes.

After this, we liaise with the client to see what their priorities are for the content we’re going to write, and check if there are any particular topics they want us to cover.

Once this has been completed we identify a series of reputable data sources that offer us all the high authority information we need. We always double check to ensure that the data we use is accurate, relevant, and as up-to-date as possible. 

At the same time we also look for potential gaps in the data we find, and fill that void with unique and original internal data from our clients. Many of our clients have vast databases filled with tonnes of data that we can use to give our stats pages a new angle.

Step 2: Strong internal linking strategy

All our content is fully optimised for SEO and is subjected to our robust internal linking strategy. This means that every page we publish features several links to other pages on our client’s site, making it easier for the Google crawlers to identify it.

At the same time we ensure that these links do not distract from the user experience. We work hard to ensure that the links appear organically in the copy and are not jarring for readers. 

We also go through our client’s site to find pages where we can add more links, to prevent the new page from seeming isolated from the rest.

Step 3: Writing with user intent in mind

Not only do we tailor our keyword research to keep user intent in mind, it also heavily influences our writing process. We write to target specific audiences, such as journalists, so we can efficiently supply them with the information that they need. 

By the same notion, the content we produce is augmented by engaging graphics that benefit the user. These might be graphs or tables, but they may also be quote graphics that showcase some of the most important details within the copy. Having an enhanced user-experience is key to everything we do.

Step 4: Rigorous Proof-reading

Once the content is complete, it goes through a rigorous proof-reading phase. Everyone from content, SEO, graphic designers, the data team and finally the clients themselves give the content a thorough look through to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.

Our nominated working

Best use of Search – Finance (SEO) (Large) 

Savings Report 

We published our UK savings reportr in January 2024. It covers a wide variety of topics associated with savings  features exclusive data surrounding how much the average UK person puts into their savings account.

Since the page went live we have been very pleased with the results it has picked up. These include:

  • Backlinks – 421
  • Keywords – 1K
  • Average URL Rankings – 17
  • 824 Featured Snippets

Best use of Content Marketing (Large) and Best use of Data (SEO) (Large)  

AI Statistics Report

The AI Statistics Report that we wrote was our first venture into this field. Using the hyper relevancy process that we’ve perfected with other clients enabled us to put together a comprehensive and valuable resource for journalists and AI experts alike.

In the page, we covered a range of topics related to AI. These included exclusive data such as how often people use AI and the most common uses of AI. Thanks to this we’ve been able to achieve some impressive results:

  • Backlinks – 114
  • Keywords – 8
  • Average URL Ranking – 14
  • 8 Featured Snippets
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