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4PEOPLE are thrilled to be finalists at the European Search Awards

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Published Date 23.04.2024

For the past three years we have been actively participating in the industry competition, sending in case studies of our clients. We are extremely pleased that for three consecutive years our submissions have always been on the shortlist of awarded companies. Such consistency in achieving a high position is not only a source of pride for us, but also a powerful motivation for further hard work. Each such award confirms the effectiveness of our actions and encourages us to continuously develop our strategies and seek innovative solutions that can bring even better results. It’s a sign to us that the direction we have taken is the right one, and that our working methods are effective and appreciated in the industry.

4PEOPLE consists of 40 experts boasting 18 years of experience in digital marketing, operating out of Katowice, the heart of Upper Silesia, Poland. Our agency prioritizes effective marketing grounded on transparent, data-driven principles.

We focus on delivering realistic results that we’ve pledged, rather than making unattainable promises. This method fosters honest, transparent relationships with our clients through clear communication and dialogue.

At 4PEOPLE, honesty and effectiveness are paramount, alongside commitment to personal and client growth, and achieving results for both the agency and its clients. These core values are integral to our identity and shape our organizational culture, permeating every interaction from initial client contact to daily tasks within our team, much like DNA defines our essence.

Our recent nominations for industry awards underscore our success in devising and executing top-tier marketing strategies, recognized by industry experts. Being finalists in multiple categories reflects our team’s commitment to excellence and their ability to meet complex challenges, such as stringent budgets and intense competition, while still delivering superior results.

This acknowledgment enhances our reputation as a reliable and reputable marketing agency and boosts our clients’ confidence in our capability to assist them in reaching their business objectives.

We take pride in these achievements and are motivated to continue setting high standards in online marketing. This recognition fuels our drive to further innovate and deliver the most effective marketing solutions to our clients.

Our first nomination is in the BEST USE OF SEARCH – REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY. It is case about success story of the 4PEOPLE Agency and the developer Tętnowski Development. In our submission, we demonstrate how, with a small advertising budget and a strategic approach to running Google Ads campaigns, we managed to promote and support the sale of an investment in the center of Krakow. We describe how, in the uncertain and fluctuating situation of the Polish real estate market, we supported the sale of 90% of the shares in the investment. Thanks to our efforts, the developer can now comfortably manage sales and pricing, which translates into higher margins and profits.

The team working on the campaign for Tętnowski Development consists of Kasia and Karol. Their collaboration is characterized by a combination of several exceptional qualities: hard work, diligence, a focus on action, and the courage to test. Thanks to their complementary skills, they form a perfectly coordinated team. Karol, responsible for the Google Ads campaigns, is a data-driven internet analyst focused on efficiency. Kasia, in charge of client contact and strategy, is a master at building client relationships. With such a team, every campaign is destined for success.

Our second nomination is in the BEST USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN A SEARCH CAMPAIGN category. This case demonstrates the importance of synergizing Google Ads efforts with Social Media. The case was prepared by two specialists, using different tools to achieve success for their clients. Paulina is a social media specialist, while Justyna specializes in paid search campaigns. They operate in different areas, but their goal is always the same. In their joint projects, they ensure synergy across their channels and set specific, measurable objectives that allow us to create effective campaigns.

Working towards clearly defined goals sometimes leads to unexpected, positive outcomes. A perfect example is our project for the Maturalni client. At the beginning of our cooperation, we did not expect these actions to yield such spectacular effects. After a few weeks, we noticed that we were achieving results far exceeding our initial expectations. Each subsequent month forced us to increase the revenue targets we had initially set, which posed both a challenge and a motivation for further development and refinement of our strategies.

In our case study, we detailed how we supported the entry into the market of an educational platform for students with on-demand courses. Our story demonstrates how consciously built actions in social media can directly influence the performance of Google Ads campaigns and mutually boost each other. In creating our advertisements, we also utilized the phenomenon of multiscreening. However, our efforts yielded much more than just high sales – they helped to build a strong brand and create a market leader. The final result? 44% of high school seniors used our client’s materials.

The nomination in the ESA is more than just a recognition for us. It confirms the quality of our work and the innovativeness of our approach. This accolade further motivates us to continue seeking innovative solutions and exploring new opportunities in digital marketing.

At 4PEOPLE, we value our team of specialists above all else, and we are proud of their achievements. We would not have received these nominations without the cooperation of our clients, and we sincerely thank them for the opportunity to share our results in these competition cases.

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