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3 European Search Awards nominations for Marketing Match agency

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Published Date 29.04.2024

We are Marketing Match – a team of 20 digital marketing experts based in Warsaw, Poland. As a digital marketing Agency we specialize in performance marketing, SEO and web development. Our experience gathered through the last 9 years taught us how to cleverly combine the above-mentioned advertising activities into a coherent marketing strategy tailored to each client, so as to maximize the effective use of funds allocated for online marketing.

In this year’s European Search Awards, we have won 3 nominations in the categories: Best use of Search (Automotive), Best low budget campaign (PPC) and Best PPC management software suite. What makes each submission stand out?

Nomination #1: How to generate leads from organic, non-branded traffic in the automotive sector?

The success of this project stems from a closely-knit operational structure between our agency and the client and the synergy that has become the bedrock of our campaign. Our day-to-day interactions aren’t limited to SEO efforts; they extend to in-depth cooperation with the Jaguar and Land Rover product & PR teams and a coordinated workflow with allied agencies specializing in PR, web design, paid media, and creative. Our campaign strategically addressed this challenge by designing and developing SEO-friendly, high-quality content that addressed questions and topics suitable for a given funnel step. We were not aiming to create just several “articles” but to build a series of differently structured content pieces reflecting and matching a sales journey as closely as possible. From the outset, the campaign was laser-focused on performance. Every piece of content, every strategy deployed, was chosen for its potential to convert interest into tangible leads.

In our 16-month collaboration, they have significantly enhanced our SEO presence for Jaguar and Land Rover in Poland, navigating complex coordination across multiple teams within our organization.Their comprehensive approach resulted in a 150% increase in web traffic and a notable rise in conversions, reflecting not just in numbers but in real business impact. Marketing Match’s integration with our teams and their results-driven strategies have been exceptional – says Marcin Pawłowski, Website and Search Marketing Manager, Europe at Inchcape Jaguar Land Rover.

Being nominated for the European Search Awards not only celebrated our achievements, but also highlighted the importance of integration and performance-oriented marketing in overcoming industry-specific challenges.

Nomination #2: How to scale success on a low budget?

FEBLIK, the platform that aggregates craft workshops, partnered with Marketing Match to enhance the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns. The primary goal was to significantly improve campaign performance over the year, facilitating the expansion of marketing efforts in alignment with FEBLIK’s business model. Our targeted strategies, aimed at individuals looking for unique workshop experiences and gifts, surpassed expectations and significantly improved campaign performance by the end of December 2023.

The cornerstone of the success was our flexibility, ongoing optimization efforts, and a strong partnership with FEBLIK, built on mutual trust and constant communication. Our campaign demonstrated that budgets do not constrain effective marketing. By employing strategic creativity and maintaining close cooperation with our client, we transformed FEBLIK’s operations and set a benchmark for the industry. Winning this category would validate our hard work and emphasize the strength of agency-client collaboration in overcoming conventional challenges and delivering exceptional marketing achievements.

Nomination #3: AdAlly – application for controlling expenses and results on advertising accounts

The competition entry presents an advertising budget management tool developed by Marketing Match. The tool automatically monitors ad spending across Google Ads, Meta Ads, and other advertising ecosystems, allowing users to enter target monthly budgets. A forecasting function allows users to predict spending on individual ad accounts, maintaining the dynamics of monthly expenditure, while an intuitive color-coding system indicates budget status. The app supports multiple advertising channels, offers functions for collecting and analyzing performance data, and streamlines spend forecasting methods. This allows you to manage your advertising campaign budgets effectively, minimizing the risk of overruns while increasing efficiency. Our tool redefines the approach to managing advertising budgets, providing PPC specialists with unique control capabilities. It is a strategic resource that takes our agency to a new level of innovation in digital marketing. Winning the competition will validate the innovation and value of our tool in the industry. Recognition at such a prestigious forum will increase our confidence among current and potential clients and open up new business and growth opportunities for our company.

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