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Taste of the Czech Republic participated European Search Awards

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Published Date 30.04.2024

Taste, a Czech digital agency from the heart of Europe, participated in the European Search Awards. Our PA team submitted an impressive project with the IVF CUBE clinic. In this article, you can find out how our specialists use their extensive knowledge to create effective campaigns which bring the people with reproductive issues to the clinic.

Digital agency in Prague

Taste is a digital agency based in the heart of Europe, Prague. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of services focused on online marketing. We deal with search engine optimization, paid advertisement, data analytics, as well as strategy development, branding, e-mailing, user experience or social media content creation. As a result, we are able to create comprehensive solutions for our large and small clients and meet their requirements in a comprehensive, coordinated and thoughtful manner.

Since Taste’s inception, the key ingredient for us has been the people themselves. We recruit true professionals who understand their field in depth and can coordinate their work with colleagues across other departments. In this atmosphere of support and mutual cooperation, not only great projects are born, but also interesting innovations are created that move us forward and allow us to continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

One of the key features of Taste is also education. We use our wide experience to organize industry conferences under the name Restarts. These always focus on a specific marketing topic: e.g. Social Restart, PPC Restart, Data Restart, SEO Restart, Brand Restart, Email Restart, etc. We strive to promote education for professionals, clients, and the entire digital marketing industry.

Our PA team in action

The PA specialist team at Taste consists of 9 members who work for major clients such as Viessmann, UNIQA, Sapeli and T-led. We can work on projects both individually and in tandem. We are thus able to deliver the best results for our clients, while passing on experience between senior and junior colleagues.

One of the projects of the PA department was also the implementation of advertising campaigns for the IVF CUBE clinic. The main senior specialist on the project was Jan Janoušek, who collaborated with other colleagues of the team. The IVF Cube clinic aims to solve the problem of couples’ fertility and its campaign focuses on their better future.


IVF CUBE is a clinic firmly rooted in tradition, experience, and specialized education in the field of reproductive medicine, all of which have been integrated into the long-standing practice of our professional staff. Each of the leading employees has many years of experience in assisted reproduction, drawing from the most significant centers of this kind in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We have been cooperating with this clinic for more than 5 years and every year we try to move the brand position of the client. Since the topic of couple fertility is a hot one these days and we sympathize with anyone dealing with these issues, we enjoy the project and want to bring the right people to the clinic to help them with their difficulties. That’s why we are happy that we could submit our results to the European Search Awards and that the results and this topic caught the attention of other people.

Our PA strategy

We focused on keywords that are searched for and associated with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), working within systems that profile individual users across publications for observation. For audiences that emerged as more promising in terms of better results, we targeted more aggressively and optimized our text ads as well.

We also completely overhauled the entire account ecosystem using our internal SATO framework, utilizing maximum automation, for example, the Hagakure strategy, linking to specific landing pages associated with keywords. We also implemented a Keyword Champion campaign, where we utilize the most efficient keywords in our campaigns, allowing us to allocate larger budgets while always considering whether the keywords might be too expensive.

We introduced the new Performance Max format, which revealed new keywords that could be effectively integrated into search campaigns. Additionally, we utilized audiences suggested during reviews, enabling us to observe their share of conversion. These audiences were subsequently implemented for observation within the search network.

We optimized results according to UTM parameters in individual advertising sets and then evaluated which campaigns were the most effective in terms of the quality of the leads.

What is interesting about our campaigns is that we use the innovative Sato framework in the account, which can be applied to all accounts, small, medium and large.

It represents the pinnacle of using automated strategies in Google Ads, allowing a skilled specialist to potentially double the performance. We have implemented this framework on several accounts, where the results were very similar. It utilizes strategies such as Hagakure, Keyword Champion, and Royal Berl, which are not the most well-known strategies.

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