Why Enter?

The European Search Awards is the premier celebration of PPC, SEO and Content Marketing across Europe.

Entering any awards may seem a daunting prospect, but it is one of the most cost-effective marketing investments available for any business. No matter the size of your business, you can enter an award.

So what are you waiting for? Read on for all the reasons entering will benefit your organisation.


By entering, you provide clarity on your objectives and ambitions while crucially comparing yourselves with competitors in the international search market. The entry process for the awards can often force you to look at your business from a different perspective, and identify areas for improvement, which can be more valuable than the award itself.

Becoming a European Search Awards finalist can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new clients internationally, as well as acting as a credible third party endorsement for your business.

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Top Reasons To Enter

Here are our top reasons why you should enter:

  • Rewarding top quality campaigns
    Celebrate the success of great campaigns or strategies.

  • Increased credibility
    To prove or evidence to clients that your company or campaigns are the best in their sector. Award wins raise awareness of your organisation or work and create PR opportunities to showcase your credibility.

  • Employee motivation
    Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of your employees so winning one can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.

  • Attracting talent
    Awards validate your hiring stature among new recruits. Being an award winning agency or organisation will help you recruit and retain talent.

  • Judges’ expertise
    The awards are judged by a panel of industry experts and influential people working in brands, providing a perfect opportunity to showcase the quality and standard of your work.

  • New business
    Award wins will help you win new business – all winners receive a winner badge for use in marketing materials and winning case studies will feature in a prestigious book of the night.

  • Networking
    The awards evening is a highlight in the search calendar and provides exceptional networking opportunities with peers from the industry.

Previous Winners

To view the list of winners for each year, please click the relevant button below:

2019 Winners
2018 Winners
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2013 Winners


Winners of previous awards have realised significant business benefits through their wins. Here's what previous entrants have said:


Winning the 2018 award in the content marketing category was a particular success for our team, as we have been realising award-winning campaigns with our client UPC for years. The latest phase around e-sports marketing is the most successful yet. That's why we are so pleased with the award.


Winning the award for best SEO campaign was a tremendous confirmation that our integrated SEO and content marketing approach works successfully. Not only that, it has also provided both teams with validation of their excellent performance and teamwork from the crème de la crème of the industry. Finally, the reputations of both our agency and of our partner were strengthened - deepening customer loyalty and opening more opportunities to work with new clients in the future.


"We were absolutely thrilled to be named "Best Large SEO Agency" at the European Search Awards. For us, award wins are never our reason for doing what we do - of course, that's all about delivering exceptional client work and building an exceptional team. But awards are nonetheless an incredible accollade and a fantastic way to recognise the work done by everyone here. The fact that the European Search Awards hold such prestige within and without our industry means that our win has also played an instrumental role in the subsequent growth of our agency. It provides further proof of our credibility and the kind of results potential clients can expect. It's also a great way for existing clients to validate their choice of agency."


"Winning the “Best SEO Software Suite” award this year is a real privilege for us, as we also won the “Best Search Software Suite” in 2017. It’s a true recognition of our hard work by the judges and our peers on the European market, but also internationally, showing the value and innovation of our solution. After years of work, we have achieved the next generation of Technical SEO Platform, releasing cutting-edge and unprecedented features that help SEOs solve real pain points. We offer a scientific yet accessible approach to technical SEO by providing reliable, comprehensive and data-driven SEO reports and dashboards search marketers can act on. This award is also for our team, whose dedication, creativity and work have made it possible. We’re proud to say that our first technology, our SEO crawler, is now a more global solution, offering log monitoring and third-party integrations to unify content, log files and search data at scale!"


"Winning the award for Best Integrated Search Agency was fantastic. Our team and clients were delighted. It’s great to know our work, our campaigns, have been peer reviewed and recognised as ‘best-in-class’."


"Winning the “Software Innovation” award represented the culmination of years of hard work. We strive to hit the target that nobody else can see, and the award inspired us to redouble our efforts to produce bold and creative innovations in 2017. This included Botify Keywords, the only solution that reconciles search intent with technical SEO, allowing users to gain visibility into the entire search process with 500+ SEO KPIs and real rankings from Google Search Console.

The gravitas that comes with the award has reinforced our company’s market leadership to customers, prospects, and noted voices in search optimization. In an industry where thought leaders rule, the award has been both and honor and a boost, increasing our visibility on an international scale, all while awarding the ingenuity of the hard working men and women on our team."


"Winning the European Search Award 2017 for 'Best Use of Search - Third Sector' for our work with Leeds Beckett University was brilliant news for the team here at Delete. To be awarded such an accolade was the perfect acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication our staff commit to our clients. We're extremely self-assured in our capability to provide campaigns that deliver and this award win gave us even more confidence when approaching new opportunities."


"We were very impressed by the amazing organisation of the European Search Awards in Krakow.

The Don’t Panic team has made a perfect night happen with lots of good memories to bring back home. This definitely is an award competition we will continue to participate in future.

And of course receiving the trophy for the “Best Small Integrated Search Agency” category was the cherry on top. Winning this award in that highly competitive category made us very proud.

We are looking forward to the next one, where we will hope to perform another winners dance on stage!"


"I'll give half of my kingdom to the person who is able to objectively choose the best campaign out of the thousands emerging every year. Are good campaigns ones with the “wow” factor? Or maybe those which are able to capture the hearts and open the wallets of their target audience? How do you do the impossible? The jury of the European Search Awards does it every year.

The European Search Awards are the Olympic Games of the digital industry, where fair play is of key importance. The winners are presented with medals for “innovation”, “following an assumed strategy”, “original creation”, and “efficiency, or excellence in achieving objectives”. The agencies awarded with these medals offer the highest quality services on the digital advertising market. They are warriors who think outside the box and stand strong in the face of all challenges. They are the industry’s trendsetters.

The European Search Awards, which include the category of the “Best Large Integrated Search Agency”, have helped Bluerank maintain its leading position in Poland, and in addition they have opened the door to the markets of Eastern Europe and EMEA. Thanks to our motivation, courage, and will to compete with the elite, “the sky is the limit”."


"Receiving the “Best Innovation in Software” Award at the European Search Awards meant the world to us. Our platform's approach for pitching was recognised as an award-worthy solution and we couldn’t be more honoured to receive this official validation from the industry’s top experts. Hearing the judges say that the work we've done to help agencies is phenomenal came as a great energy boost. Our team is now even more motivated to continue its efforts in making SEO as measurable and predictable as any other digital marketing channel."


"Winning the European Search Award for Best Large SEO agency has undoubtedly had a hugely positive effect upon our business, and has been invaluable in helping us to attract and win new clients. Most importantly however the award is something that the whole agency has to be proud of and has acted as a significant morale booster for the entire team. We will definitely continue to enter the EU Search Awards in years to come!"


"Wolfgang Digital are selective about the awards we enter and we are big fans of the European Search Awards. The judging process has great integrity and the ceremony itself is a most memorable night out in a fun European City. Winning European Search Awards has dramatically increased our reputation in our home and international markets."


"The European Search Awards is a great opportunity to not only network with some of the best companies in Europe, but also recognise the talent, innovations and latest marketing campaigns that have made an impact within the Search Industry. Winning at the Search Awards feels like a true honour and we are looking forward to attending, sponsoring and supporting other shows in the years to come."


“What does it mean for me to win this award? It means I am sure that I've done things well. This award is the result of a year of dedication and effort. It's important for me to highlight my team's efforts and dedication, and it is an honor to receive an award of these characteristics. The European Search Awards are similar to the Oscars for us: it 's very hard to come by one but it is worth the effort.”

Awards Trust Mark

The European Search Awards has been awarded an Awards Trust Mark by The Independent Awards Standards Council.

The Awards Trust Mark scheme is a not-for-profit accreditation programme run by The Independent Awards Standards Council with the goal of, as the name suggests, enhancing trust between those entering awards schemes, and the organisations running them.

The scheme is already raising standards in the industry, and we would encourage everyone entering awards to encourage organisers to commit to the code of conduct and thus earn an Awards Trust Mark.