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Advanced Web Ranking – Sponsors of the European Search 2022 Photo Booth

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 30.03.2022

The Advanced Web Ranking team is thrilled to be sponsoring the photo booth at this year’s Don’t Panic event.

We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2022, so it’s a special year for us. It’s been such an incredible journey to witness the transformation of the search community throughout these years and to be a part of it.

World’s longest standing rank tracker

Caphyon, the company behind Advanced Web Ranking, was founded in Romania 20 years ago by two software developers. There was no rank tracking solution for Mac OS at the time. As a result, they created Advanced Web Ranking Desktop!

It was an amazing experience, with a customer base growing at a rate that exceeded even the most optimistic predictions.

Over time, AWR evolved so much, from simply tracking the 10 blue links to monitoring and reporting complex search visibility metrics based on SERP Features and Pixel depth. At the same time, the focus changed from the US search market to an international SEO environment, with support for ranking and volume data across 172 countries.

Some things, however, have not changed. The two founders and the first two employees are still with the AWR team today, along with many new additions to the team, and continue to collaborate closely with customers and friends in an effort to make the product the best that it can become.


What makes AWR special as a rank tracking solution

A rank tracker’s purpose is not only to show how high a website ranks in the SERPs, but also to help correlate this performance to traffic and conversion trends. AWR does this by providing pinpoint accuracy in keyword ranking data, and further combining it with traffic and conversion statistics in meaningful reports.

For this purpose, AWR uses human search emulation technology, being able to offer keyword position data retrieved in the same way that a human would do when manually searching for the same keyword in a browser.

For the past 20 years, the AWR team has been constantly developing and perfecting this technology, with capabilities for emulating device, language, and Zip code level locations to meet the ever-changing realities of the SERPs.

Now, with over 4,000 search engines and search engine versions, language options, and localized search volumes, AWR is one of the best tools for international SEO. Some of the international and regional search engines include Baidu, Naver, and Seznam. In addition, AWR also provides support for rank tracking on specialized search markets. For example, video tracking engines such as YouTube and e-commerce tracking engines such as Amazon, BestBuy, or Shopzilla.


Increasing depth and data volume

AWR is a highly scalable solution for keyword management in large volumes. Customer accounts can grow instantly from tracking a few hundreds of keywords to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of keywords.

When it comes to refreshing the data, AWR is highly flexible, being able to accommodate a high range of specific rank tracking requirements. The tool gives you complete control over when the keyword positions for SEO projects are refreshed, with scheduled update frequencies that include daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly, or with on-demand runs.

All subscription types that AWR offers provide support for unlimited SEO projects or campaigns, unlimited user profiles and free competitor data.

Another aspect where AWR is highly flexible is the way you manage keywords inside a project. By defining a wide range of dynamic custom filters, you can organize the keywords in a project by semantic criteria, or by ranking positions or searches. Following the collection of ranking data, AWR will further compute a set of visibility metrics for each of the keyword groups, in order to show you the overall performance and changes in trends.


Data sharing and reporting

AWR has an excellent “what you see is what you get” reporting engine that allows you to create complete, personalized reports from scratch, with tables, KPIs, and charts that you can arrange in any way you need. In addition, you have the possibility to explain the meaning and relevance of the reported data by inserting text widgets, images, or links.

The reports include support for white-labeling, which helps you add your own logo, subdomain, and SMTP server details to the reporting flow.

Aside from the UI reporting module, AWR also provides access to ranking and visibility data via a powerful API, with automatic exports to FTP, compatible with third-party reporting tools like Tableau and Power BI, as well as native connectors for Google Data Studio, TapClicks, Adverity, and SEO Tools 4 Excel.

An interesting alternative to reports and exports is AWR’s “share link’ functionality, which helps you share rankings and visibility data with clients or colleagues. Only the sections of the application and the reports that you choose will give read-only access, with the option of white-labeling.


Partnering on Awards

This year, we are honored to be partnering with Don’t Panic, as we share common values in the SEO industry. We appreciate the continuous search and support for creativity and innovation.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story. We look forward to this year’s event!

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