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Lounge Group share their excitement on becoming finalists for the European Search Awards

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Published Date 12.04.2023

Lounge Group was established in 2004. The exclusively Hungarian-owned company, has grown into a full-service agency with a portfolio of diversified services. The constant growth of the group is represented by its members: besides Lounge Design, New Land Media, Lounge Communication, Media Dynamics, Lounge Event and Dashboard Solutions Visual Europe Group is also part of Lounge Group, which this way plays a prominent role also at the event, visual technology industry in Europe.

The group helps its clients from conceptualising ideas to implementing them, be it designing creative materials, preparing print or online content and platforms, designing and producing commercials, or implementing integrated campaigns, organising events or launching PR campaigns.

Among the clients of Lounge Group there are Hungarian and international companies, as well as various institutions of the government and public administration. In addition to strategic planning and the implementation of integrated, 360-degree promotional campaigns, the company have also achieved significant recently in the field of communication projects. Their goal has been the same for 19 years now in every assignment: to create something that lasts.

Lounge Group has its own research department, which conducted a wide scale study about the American elections. Their ongoing project is extensive research of the labor market.

The agency wins several awards every year at local and international creative, media, event and PR contests. They are proud winners of Stevie, Apex, Eventex and MUSE.

In addition to awards, Lounge Group became a Google Premier Partner in 2022, meaning that its digital department had passed all the exams supervised by Google. The company belongs to the top 3% of Hungarian companies.

“We believe that the prerequisite for professional work is to understand and to handle each task and topic in depth, as an expert. In addition the internal regulations of our processes ensure uniformed, high-quality customer service.

The continuous development and improvement of the digital and smart systems is also a key  aspect for the agency.

Our mission statement is that no unsolvable situation, only bad attitude. This is why we develop solutions to be implemented always considering the circumstances, even in the most extreme cases,” said Krisztina Hidvégi, media director of Lounge Group.


Handwriting, note-taking or drawing on paper is less and less common among younger generations as digital devices and services started to replace traditional stationery. Although stationery is a micro-segment of the market, STABILO – whose flagship product is the point 88 fineliner – has one of the highest spontaneous and supported recognition in the industry. The task was clear: to rekindle young people’s (aged 14-24) interest in handwriting and thus in the productline.

Writing and drawing are tools and symbols of knowledge acquisition and creative self-expression. Nowadays, handwriting is typically an activity of artists and songwriters, since writing lyrics is based on momentary impressions, ideas and topics. Music is a universal platform where the song, lyrics and colours come to life, with which young people can easily resonate. Addressing generation Z is always a challenge from a communication point of view, as breaking through stimulus thresholds is difficult. It was clear that they could and should be reached interactively, on a digital platform, through music.

But how can one make the colour palette of the 65-piece STABILO point 88 fineliner set even more personal and fun? How can content be produced that is relevant to our target audience and at the same time really cool, and which captures them and make them feel it is their own? Lounge Group had to work on finding a band that the youngsters are really fans of, and whose members are colourful characters enough to be able to authentically convey the message of STABILO and the campaign. The Hungarian band VALMAR embodies the ideal combination for STABILO, creativity, colours and musical style.

Lounge Group invited VALMAR, a duo popular among young people, to create a new hit song, spice it with colours and give the colours of the palette of STABILO point 88 fineliner set new, creative, funny or surprising names. After that a TikTok challenge was set to start with weekly posts to encourage their followers to write lyrics, come up with creative names and share them on their own TikTok channels.

The agency also shot a video for the hit song to make the colours and the brand not only audible but also visible.

Through weekly TikTok content, VALMAR invited its followers to co-create, while they wrote their song about colours. In the three-week TikTok hashtag challenge, participants were asked to give new, creative and catchy names to their favourite STABILO point 88 fineliner colours, write (or rap) a few lines of lyrics to the music of VALMAR’s new hit by mentioning at least one colour, and then post it on TikTok with the hashtag #stabilocolouredwords.

The challenge, with the categories of colour and lyrics, made it possible to use a variety of approaches. To make the task easier for those interested, the beat, handwriting and fineliners were not mandatory parts of the entry.

Several fans left comments on VALMAR’s TikTok channel during the teaser stage, saying they won’t leave the house without fineliners again.

The band continuously maintained interest in the challenge on its social media channels (TikTok, Instagram). Active communication also took place on STABILO’s Facebook and Instagram pages, the entertaining content was based on more and more catchy colour names being published on a daily basis. Awareness and traffic diversion ads ran in parallel during the campaign period, the former mainly meant short videos.

For Generation Z, video is one of the most important genre and channel of communication. They expect relevant and inclusive content that entertains, educates and inspires. They also love if brands give them a unique experience. They expect the brand to be transparent, honest, and the also want influencers associated with the brand to address them authentically. TikTok and VALMAR were the answer to all these needs.

At the end of the challenge the TOP 15 applicants of the colour and the TOP 15 winners of the lyrics categories were selected by the STABILO/VALMAR jury. The winners received STABILO gift packs and custom merch T-shirts, three of them had the chance to meet the VALMAR duo as part of a Meet&Greet programme.

For the results of the campaign, check the infographic published by Lounge Group:

“It is an honour that our campaign is among the finalists of this internationally distinguished competition.  This project showed, that it is possible to catch the younger generation’s attention, but it is also necessary to use the most innovative and trendy ways for it,” said Máté Molnár, head of corporate communications of Lounge Group.

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