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dentsu Benelux in the run for 2 awards at the European Search Awards 2023

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Published Date 05.05.2023

We are immensely proud that we have been shortlisted for two European Search Awards in the categories ‘Best use of search – Retail / Ecommerce (SEO)(Large)’ and ‘Best use of search – Travel / Leisure (PPC)(Large)’. As search team within dentsu, we combine both SEO and SEA to help brands achieve the best online results. Being nominated for two awards is an excellent recognition of our hard work as a team.

About dentsu

Dentsu is the most integrated media company in the world and provides various services which we divide into 3 service lines; ‘dentsu Creative’, ‘dentsu Media’ and ‘Merkle, a dentsu company’(CMX). In our global network, 65.000 passionate colleagues, in 143 markets, work for 85 of the top 100 advertisers.

Our goal? Together with the brand we create the best solutions and services so that new opportunities arise that realize sustainable growth and business transformation across the entire customer journey.

Our nominations

dentsu Benelux & Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) – Flight Score: A unique model guiding KLM to more incremental value and fewer empty seats

Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) has been globally renowned for incorporating, structuring, and utilising data for optimal performance. Over time, the urge to integrate this data for digital marketing grew bigger and bigger. Taking this data usage to the next level and developing and incorporating it for the paid search (PPC) strategies was right up KLM’s alley. By taking multiple factors and first-party data points into consideration, a multi-factor model for transforming and re-attributing revenue data was born: The Flight Score Model. This model actively revaluates revenue to nudge the automated bidding strategies towards spending more of the budget on the flight routes with the most incremental value in the eyes of the KLM stakeholders. By doing this, the revenue share for the flight routes with the most incremental values has increased by 61%, lowering the spending share for lower-valued flight routes by 42%.

Being nominated for a European Search Award for the KLM Flight Score case is already a fantastic result. But winning this award would be the crowning achievement for the hard work of the Digital Marketing Team at KLM and the Paid Search Team at dentsu and a confirmation of the long-lasting successful partnership between dentsu and KLM.

Dentsu Benelux & Intergamma – Data Driven Indexable Faceted Navigation URLs

Intergamma, the leading DIY retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium, has achieved significant organic growth with its digital marketing strategies.

Before October 2021, Intergamma faced challenges with its product lister pages due to non-indexable URL parameters caused by filters used in faceted navigation. In collaboration with Dentsu, Intergamma took steps to make these URLs crawlable and indexable, as there was significant potential in search volumes for combining brands, types, colors, and materials with product group names. This effort was focused on increasing organic visibility, traffic, and revenue for DIY enthusiasts in the Netherlands and Belgium, for both branded and non-branded search queries.

Dentsu used a product feed to create search queries and generate keyword combinations. They retrieved search volumes, optimised URLs, and created metadata templates for three brands. SEO-optimised body texts were added to pages with high search volume potential. The data was implemented in Intergamma’s custom CMS, resulting in 8,500 new and optimised pages.

Overall, the 8,500 pages generated a huge increase in unique organic impressions, organic sessions & organic revenue.

Being nominated for a European Search Award for the Data-Driven Indexable Faceted Navigation URLs case is a significant milestone. Winning this prestigious award would be a testament to the hard work and expertise of the Development Teams at Intergamma and the SEO Team at Dentsu. It would be a well-deserved recognition of their innovative approach, creativity in automation, and ability to deliver on a massive scale.

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