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Maatwerk Online: Best Local Campaign (PPC) 2023

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Published Date 05.05.2023

We are extremely proud to share that we have been nominated for this year’s European Search Awards in the ‘Best Local Campaign’ category. One of the most important awards in our field! With great satisfaction we look back on the results and the partnership with our client Bambulah.

The full service digital impact agency

At Maatwerk Online we look beyond increasing numbers. Together with 31 colleagues we push boundaries to achieve the best results. We make sure to do tomorrow what we couldn’t do yesterday. That is how we try to make a positive impact every day and inspire others to do the same!

From our office, in the center of Rotterdam, we place all online marketing activities of our clients under one innovative and strategic roof. We have a unique working method where we aim to maximize impact. The growth of our clients energizes us and with that we achieve great successes. That is why we have been nominated and awarded several European and Dutch Search Awards. And this year we are very proud of our nomination for the European Search Awards in the category ‘Best Local Campaign’. In collaboration with our client Bambulah, we realized a total of € 32.000,- extra sales last summer, with a targeted ROAS of 400%! Our SEA Specialist Thomas is happy to tell you how he looks back on these great results.

Thomas: “We are extremely happy with the space Bambulah has given us to work on this         successful case with the crowning achievement of a nomination for the European Search     Awards.”

Custom Online & Bambulah

Our client Bambulah offers sustainable mosquito nets, combining ultimate protection with an attractive look. To boost sales of mosquito nets, we’ve focused mainly on advertisements during the summer months in different European countries. This causes us to deal with different temperatures. In the Summer we’ve spent about 20 to 25 hours just monitoring the weather forecasts of all the different countries so we could manually adjust our campaign budgets, which amounted to about €8.000,- in consulting hours. These costs we would rather use as media budget to increase sales.

Together with our client we’ve brainstormed to come up with a solution. And we’ve succeeded! We made sure to link our campaigns to our so-called ‘Local Mosquito Weather Script’. The moment certain regions in our target countries met the requirements of the weather script, display and video campaigns were automatically activated and budgets were increased. We provided the respective campaigns with a custom intent target group containing keywords with a high conversion rate. This way, the campaigns were not only highly visible among the target audience, but we also had control over our budgets and bids. Our client is happy to tell you how they’ve experienced our collaboration.

Bambulah: “It is very nice for us to see that Maatwerk Online always tries to think outside of the box. Thanks to this automation step, we have been able to use our marketing budget even more efficiently!”

From May 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022, we saved a total of € 8.000,- in consulting hours, which we were then able to add to our media budget. Combined with our targeted ROAS of 400%, we got a total of € 32.000,- in additional sales from this. A great result! Moreover, this is a very sustainable strategy. We expect that with the same script we can save about € 40.000,- in the next 5 years as well as generate € 160.000,- in additional sales. By putting in 20 hours of one-off work for brainstorming, operational work and testing, we were able to achieve these fantastic results. That is our strength!

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