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Visibility has five reasons to be happy!

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Published Date 09.05.2023

We have the best colleagues in the world – those who, with their love for creativity and experience in their field, turn assignments from clients into success and satisfaction for both parties. Oh, and five more shortlists from the European Search Awards.

Who are we?

Visibility, the Slovak digital agency, was founded in 2009 as an SEO agency – but since then our ambitions have crossed the borders of SEO and the Slovak Republic and have been rewarded with success several times. We create effective long-term strategies, combine and apply the best solutions from various fields, and especially – we love online marketing.

The year 2022 was full of challenges – we published tons of blog articles, enriched the team with 10 new colleagues, and compared to 2021, we grew by almost 20%. The most important thing, we also gained several new clients with whom we firmly believe we will continue to grow together.

We are one of the most well-known agencies in Slovakia – that’s what the survey results on brand awareness say – with a 43% unaided brand recall among marketers in Slovakia. We are not afraid to constantly open up new topics and introduce trends from the world of marketing through webinars to marketers and the enthusiastic public.

What we achieved & what we learned?

A quality SEO Strategy brings an extensive ROI

Our expectations and goals were not easy and their fulfillment required honest preparation. The main goal resulted from improving the organic search performance of one of the leading financial services comparison websites in Slovakia, Finančný kompas (translated Financial

Compass) via optimizing content and SEO while bringing an excellent ROI. 

Mainly, we paid attention to the shortcomings related to neglected SEO, by removing technical problems caused by broken links or missing pages. Also, we proposed new solutions based on data from Google Search Console to solve the other problems. 

Thanks to a detailed analysis of keywords, we have revealed the most searched topics in the finance sector; a Content Gap analysis helped us identify areas where we still had gaps. The strengthening of off-page SEO, the creation of an editorial calendar and an online dictionary of financial terms based on current data, or the implementation of interactive calculators – all of this helped us to overcome strong competition in the SERPs and to establish ourselves as a trustworthy and high-quality brand in the YMYL sector.

That brought us not only 1820% ROI, but also 3 shortlists in the categories: BEST USE OF SEARCH – FINANCE (SEO) (LARGE), BEST LOW BUDGET CAMPAIGN (SEO) (LARGE), and also BEST USE OF CONTENT MARKETING (LARGE).

We can make Christmas even more magical

Christmas is one of the most magical holidays of the year – for our client Svet Stromčekov (translated World of Trees), it is also the crucial part of the year from a business perspective. Our goals were clear – a YoY increase in total revenues across all markets, just as a YoY increase in direct visitors on the Slovak market and search volume on

Because the Slovak market was saturated with sales activation campaigns in 2021, we needed to do a massive brand awareness campaign to acquire new customers, which was done via integrating a TV ad campaign. Thanks to localized versions of an animated Youtube video ad, a radio ad campaign in Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary, and also a TV ad campaign in Slovakia, we achieved massive reach of the target audience at the right time.

The message of the campaign was based on the idea of the uniqueness of Christmas, which can be even more magical with our unbelievably realistic Christmas trees from Svet Stromčekov (World of Trees). The video creative was used for Youtube campaigns in Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary and for the Slovak TV ad campaign. Thanks to a Youtube Brand Lift Study, we were able to measure the impact of the Slovak Youtube Ads.

We have launched customized Google Search Ads with the implementation of automated dynamic search ads and taken care of the smooth transition to Google Performance Max campaigns and the use of Image Extensions in Google Search Campaigns. Intending to increase traffic, we set about improving on-page SEO and technical SEO.

Thanks to a well-thought-out brand awareness campaign, we overcame the difficult economic situation on the market caused by inflation and overcame cheaper competing sellers. We were not only pleased with the year-on-year increase in total profits and direct visitors but also with the increase in the search for the brand on Google. And what’s more, today we can also look forward to two shortlists in BEST INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN (LARGE) and BEST PAN EUROPEAN CAMPAIGN (LARGE) categories!

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