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Getlinko was shortlisted for its first European Search Awards

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Published Date 11.05.2023

Every day we help brands and agencies to improve their SEO off page strategies and increase their brand’s visibility with our software, achieving the best results. We are very proud to be chosen as one of the finalist platforms for the European Search Awards in the categories “Best Search Software Tool”.

What we do on Getlinko?

In Getlinko we have developed software that helps digital businesses to increase their SEO page rank, visibility and brand recognition. How we do it? We connect advertisers with publishers around the world to sponsor articles and podcasts. On our platform you could find the perfect media for your Branding or SEO project. We provide hyper-segmented filters, affinity recommendation, and performance reports.

When we made the decision to set up Getlinko, we realized there was a great opportunity to help two complementary types of users. On the one hand, content creators needed new ways to monetize their content beyond banners and pop-ups for example, but with branded content, they offered them a natural monetization of their content. On the other hand, it was very expensive for companies to articulate branding media campaigns and very difficult for SEOs get an article in a digital media with quality links, because they required contacting dozens of media creators, negotiating the conditions with all of them, and sometimes the metrics were not clear. Getlinko helps them solve all this and save a lot of time and resources in their campaigns.

We help brands that are looking for get known, high page rank and gain recognition. We work hardly to be the most innovative platform, with functionalities such us: media comparator, updated analytics and SEO metrics, dashboards with interesting KPIs, and advanced search. This technology allows us to give the best service to our clients. In addition, we have a managed service thanks to which their clients can delegate their entire SEO off-page strategy.

Getlinko has established itself as one of the best spaces for convergence between companies and digital media on the entire planet. We work to be the most agile and powerful SEO Off page and branded content platform in the industry.

Being nominated for a European Search Award for “Best Search Software Tool” is a considerable success. And if we win this important award, it would be a great recognition of our hard work for the entire Getlinko team and our platform.

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