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Published Date 18.05.2023

A decade is almost one era in the marketing industry. Time moves even faster in digital marketing. Marafiki has been supporting clients who want to appear on the Internet for over 10 years. We help them understand the world of technology so that they can awaken their competitive potential.

The beginning of Marafiki is associated with intensive activity in Google Ads. We have gradually expanded the range of services and currently run advertising campaigns in the most popular social media advertising systems – Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads and Microsoft Ads.

An important pillar of Marafiki’s services is SEO. A team of our specialists manages the processes of positioning and optimization of websites and online stores, copywriters prepare valuable content, and the graphic department enriches its with professional visual identification.

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The quality will speak for itself

What is the source of our agency’s strength? First of all, striving to maintain the highest business standards. We deeply believe that the quality will speak for itself. The team’s activities contribute to increasing the added value for clients who can count on full support in the entire spectrum of product or service promotion.

Marafiki’s achievements prove that daily tracking of trends in digital marketing, combined with the implementation of the necessary changes, brings positive results. We provide care for clients’ advertising accounts and do everything to effectively use the available tools. Which would not have been possible without creative solutions and an individual approach to each case.

For us, the basis for the success of the campaign is detailed data analysis. Thanks to the collected information, we are able to select solutions with the potential for success. The developed strategy takes into account all the basic macroeconomic and microeconomic factors: the profile of buyers as a target group, consumer behavior, market type and structure, its specificity, competition activities, as well as the size of the clients’ budget, their needs and image and sales goals.

Three Case Studies Outside the Box, Marafiki

Thanks to the commitment of our specialists, in 2023 Marafiki received the Google Partner Premier certificate, awarded to the best agencies in the country. The agency intensively explores foreign markets. It has successfully implemented campaigns in Germany, Great Britain, Romania, Turkey and Sweden. The share of revenue generated in EU countries in 2021 amounted to as much as 23%.

These achievements encouraged us to show off the effects of our work to an international group of experts.

We are extremely proud that all the case studies we sent were appreciated by the selection committee of the European Search Awards. We started in 6 categories. It is a great success that as many as 5 of them went to the next stage and we will compete with the best agencies in Europe.

Why these case studies?

In business activities, we mainly help small and medium-sized companies. Reported case studies show how thoughtful actions can translate into selected conversions even if the client’s company is small and has a very narrow specialization in a market niche.

We are all the more pleased with such an increase in key parameters, which is the result of a detailed audit, adoption of a strategy tailored to the specifics of the project, systematic visibility analysis and control after implementing the necessary improvements. Our three case studies deserve to be described and presented on an international forum, also because we used an unconventional approach in these campaigns.

  • SEO campaigns

Both of our SEO applications cover a similar range of tasks that have been completed. In both cases, we focused on full website optimization, spreading the budget for operational activities, link building and content creation. The essence of the strategy was the selection of groups of subpages with different potential to increase visibility.

The non-standard use of aHrefs and Scrapebox tools was of key importance for SEO projects. We managed to reduce the costs of the SEO campaign and protect the client from obtaining links from pages that have an overestimated website value. This has given us an advantage over other SEO agencies that use a significant portion of their resources for expensive SaaS tools.

  • PPC campaign

The basic assumption of the PPC campaign that we submitted to the competition was to use a structure that would allow the sale of as many products as possible, not just bestsellers, and that they would achieve a good ROAS. We also wanted to test PMax campaigns. Previously, the account had Smart Shopping campaigns and Standard Shopping campaigns.

This required analyzing all sales from all sources over the past year. Together with the client, we prepared a file containing an analysis of the number of products sold and the value of their margin.

The campaign is distinguished by the way of cooperation with the client and the use of a holistic approach to business. Transparency in conducting activities and care not only for the tROAS itself but also for the profit earned by the client.

This was achieved thanks to automating the process of adding a custom label from the Magento shop to Google Merchant Center, division of the campaign into profit margin segments, budget optimization and advanced Google Looker Studio report.

Among the best

Marafiki has already won by being nominated in as many as 5 different categories. Distinguishing our work from other submitted applications is a sign for us that systematic improvement of qualifications, training and keeping our finger on the pulse of technological changes gives measurable benefits.

We know how much effort you need to put into one campaign, how many details you need to pay attention to and how difficult it is sometimes to see the opportunity to distinguish our clients’ offer above the competition.

So we wish all the other nominees good luck and may the best win!

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