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Hide And Seek shortlisted as Finalists at the European Search Awards 2023

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Published Date 22.05.2023

We are thrilled to share that we have been named finalists for the European Search Awards 2023! What’s even more exciting is that all five cases that we submitted have been nominated, adding to our sense of accomplishment.

In 2021, we were honoured to receive four awards, including the “Global Best Small PPC Agency”. This was a big achievement for us, and has motivated us to work even harder. Since then, we’ve been giving our all while striving to exceed our goals. This year, we’ve already had the pleasure of working on a lot of fantastic projects together with our awesome clients. 

Here are the five cases that have been nominated for an award!

Best Integrated Campaign with Strong Viking: The Ultimate Challenge of 2023

We partnered with Strong Viking to boost ticket sales amidst a decrease in their loyal fan base due to a period of many event cancellations the previous year. Despite facing smaller audience lists and decreased search volumes, we capitalised on January’s trend of setting goals for a healthier lifestyle. Our integrated campaign utilised innovative channels targeting popular streaming platforms and relevant TV shows using Videoland, remarketed gym-goers based on their locations using Azerion, and even reached them during their work out with Spotify Ads. This led to an overall successful campaign resulting in sustainable growth of the performance and ultimately exceeding our targets in terms of ticket sales.

Best Integrated Campaign with Nxt Museum: How Integrated Campaigns Spark New Love at Nxt Museum

We collaborated with Nxt Museum on a one month long campaign aimed at boosting ticket sales on Mondays through Wednesdays, as those days have relatively low sales compared to the other days. Our solution was the integrated “Bring Your Date”campaign, incentivizing visitors to come to the museum on these days by offering a 50% discount on the second ticket purchased. Our creative campaign was applied to multiple channels, with an unified message tailored to the target audience, resulting in an above-target increase in ticket sales. Moreover, our discount code was used a total of 712 times, making a significant contribution to the campaign’s success. Besides all this, we also used out-of-the-box channels that are not as common within online advertising, such as Grindr, but fit this campaign perfectly. 

Best Local Campaign (PPC) with Our House Museum : Tourists Flock to Amsterdam’s Newest Museum Thanks to Effective Local Advertising Campaign

Although starting an account from scratch in a highly competitive environment posed a significant challenge, we were determined to establish a robust presence for our client Our House Museum in Amsterdam. Our primary objective was to boost sales, but we encountered various obstacles right from the start of our campaign. Firstly, as a new museum, Our House lacked a strong brand name. Secondly, our campaign started in a quarter which generally sees less tourists in the city compared to the summer periods, adding to the difficulty. In order to overcome these challenges, we focused on research, audience analysis, creativity, originality, and swift adaptation. By directing our efforts towards local tourists, we were able to exceed our expectations and establish Our House Museum as a prominent player in Amsterdam’s competitive environment.

Best Use of Search – Retail / eCommerce & Best PPC Campaign with Combitools

Together with CombiTools we took on ambitious growth objectives for their online store in a tough and competitive tools market, competing against larger outlets having the advantages of faster delivery and more reviews. However, leveraging CombiTools competitive edge of better priced products, we focused on advertising individual products with price as their main selling point, targeting customers who were close to making a purchase. Making efficient use of innovative tools, we were able to outsmart the competition. We successfully created a situation where we can advertise at scale for products where we have the lowest price in the market and still maintain a certain margin.

Having all five cases nominated for an award makes us very proud of our work, and gives us the confirmation that we need to believe in our knowledge, teamwork, and creativity in order to keep exceeding expectations. We are grateful to our clients for their trust in us, driving us to continuously push ourselves and raise the bar.

Fingers crossed for May 25th!

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