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Kaizen & Preply: Walkable Cities – Creating Conversations Across EU Markets

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Published Date 09.04.2024

About Kaizen

Kaizen is an independent digital marketing agency that, for the last 10 years, has been working to redefine industry standards by pushing the boundaries of how clients view and optimise their organic digital marketing channels. Specialising in Digital PR, SEO and Social Media management, Kaizen offer tailored solutions designed to amplify clients’ digital presence, drive tangible results and to get them the visibility they deserve.

Our Entry

Partnering with Preply, an online language learning platform, we embarked on a mission to foster meaningful connections and facilitate cross-cultural dialogue. Our shortlisted campaign, “Walkable Cities – Creating Conversations Across EU Markets”, is a great example of our expertise in international Digital PR strategy.

The client was looking to boost search visibility across their English, Spanish, Italian and German audiences, to grow authority in the category, increase brand awareness and to drive new users to the site.

We conducted extensive social listening, ideation, and rigorous research and we came across a trend online where travellers were sharing how many steps they had done whilst on city breaks – this sparked an idea around which European cities require the least steps to explore, and from there, the concept of “the most walkable cities in Europe” was born.

The campaign was meticulously tailored to suit the needs of Preply’s key target markets, focusing on relevance, timeliness, regional appeal, and being able to offer various unique narratives to journalists during outreach.

To select cities for the campaign, data was scraped from various online sources to identify the top 30 most mentioned European cities. The top five tourist attractions in each city were then pinpointed using a leading travel review site, and the quickest walking route to visit all attractions was determined using Google Maps. The total steps required to explore each city’s top attractions was calculated based on average adult step length, along with the estimated calorie expenditure to bring an additional angle to our content.

We crafted localised onsite content, bespoke designs, and press assets for each target market. Onsite content was optimised for Preply’s keywords and categories, while expert commentary provided tips for immersing oneself in local culture on foot, enhancing engagement and expertise signals (E-E-A-T).

By expertly manipulating straightforward and well researched data about the most walkable cities in Europe, we produced a compelling, evergreen narrative that spoke volumes to a diverse, global audience and that resulted in exceptional campaign effectiveness for the brand.

“Working with Kaizen has been an absolute pleasure. Their global team’s media knowledge across diverse markets is truly impressive – results-oriented, creative, and agile.”

Yolanda del Peso – SEO Outreach Specialist, Preply

What This Means to Us

“This campaign is a testament to the diverse make-up of our agency” says Jeremy McDonald, Kaizen CEO. “By investing in such an international team, we gain invaluable insights into global markets, cultural nuances, and emerging trends. Each team member brings their unique perspective and native knowledge to the table, enabling us to better understand and cater to the needs of clients across different regions. I believe this diversity fosters creativity, innovation, and adaptability, ultimately enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional results and maintain a competitive edge.”

Being shortlisted for the awards highlights the dedication and creativity of Kaizen as an agency and we’re excited to be recognised by the wider industry for our work and expertise.

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