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Somebody Digital smashes it again

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Published Date 11.04.2024

Oops we did it again, we’ve been shortlisted for 17 EU Search Awards in 2024.

Is it because we really want to spend an evening in Prague? Yes. Are we a little bit addicted to winning? Maybe.

Seventeen entries sound like a lot because it is a lot. But when we sat down to begin creating our entries we realised that we had a large number of clients and campaigns that we could submit this year, each with its own merit that justified its own entry.

This realisation was both exciting and daunting. Our excellent team of SEO experts, PPC heavyweights, and digital all-rounders sat down to refine and perfect our entries for submission on 8 March.

Who we are

Somebody Digital is an AI-loving, target-smashing digital marketing agency (you may know us as the agency with the pug – his name is Allen by the way).

We’re a diverse team of talented digital natives spread all around the world but working together towards one singular goal: To help our clients achieve their dreams.

From paid media to SEO services, email marketing, and affiliate programmes, we offer it all across a range of industries and sectors.

We select the most talented people to work with us, no matter where they are, from Colombia to Cape Town and London to Lisbon, which means we can offer our clients the best services too.

What we entered

This year our entries focussed on several of our clients, from SaaS to digital security and even sleep apnea (what can we say, our depth of work is extensive). Here’s an overview of what we entered into the EU Search Awards 2024:

Black Friday Cyber Monday: We were approached by one of our healthcare clients to help generate sales around their Black Friday/Cyber Monday event. This entailed some digital dexterity and needed us to integrate all channels, from email and affiliate marketing to PPC and organic social. Our efforts resulted in an impressive increase in sales when comparing year-on-year.

Acquiring leads left and right: One of our long-time security software clients asked for assistance in improving their lead quality using paid media. This led to a noticeable bump in demo requests but also resulted in the company being acquired (for an impressive amount, we might add).

Putting the work into SEO: A brand new job pages platform needed help establishing itself organically in an already-saturated market amongst some heavyweight players. Our SEO team got to work optimising and perfecting their website, taking them from nothing to (a pretty big) something in a matter of months.

 Why we enter

These are just some of the projects we’ve entered in this year’s awards. And here’s why. We know how hard we work, but as we’ve come to realise, we often take our abilities for granted. Entering these awards not only gives us and our team members a fresh perspective on what are often exceptional achievements for our clients, but they also validate our client’s trust in us to get the job done.

Although we like to have a lot of fun, we take these awards very seriously. They are a chance to put our best foot forward, and they are an external stamp of approval on the everyday work that we do.

We can’t wait…

So, now that the shortlist has been announced, we can stop holding our breath and start crossing our fingers that we’ll be walking away with something shiny in Prague (and we don’t mean the tableware).

As always, we appreciate the team at Don’t Panic Events, who work year-round to put together these important industry awards.

See you in May.

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