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LupaSearch Was Shortlisted For The European Search Awards 2024

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Published Date 15.04.2024

We are thrilled to announce that LupaSearch has been shortlisted for the prestigious “Best Search Software Tool” at the European Search Awards 2024!

Developing a tool that empowers businesses to optimize their e-commerce search performance and sales is incredibly rewarding. However, being recognized by the European Search Awards takes it to a new level. It’s an honor and a testament to our commitment to our clients and shaping the future of search through cutting-edge AI technology.

LupaSearch – an AI-driven e-commerce search that converts

LupaSearch provides a highly relevant, conversion-boosting e-commerce search solution that helps businesses improve their search relevance and increase profit.

LupaSearch is a results-driven company that offers highly relevant e-commerce search solutions that increase conversion rates and help businesses become more profitable. Businesses that use the AI-powered search solution provided by LupaSearch noticed an average 3X increase in their CTRs and conversion rates.

The company leverages AI and machine learning to provide accurate and relevant search results, personalization, product merchandising, and analytics. The search engine can understand the true intent behind a user’s search despite typos, jargon, mistakes, or long-tail keywords.

Being shortlisted is an impressive achievement and fuels our passion to continue empowering e-commerce businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

European Search Awards – Where Search Excellence Gets Recognized

The annual European Search Awards is an event celebrating the brightest minds in search across Europe.

Therefore, we are proud to be shortlisted for the best search software tool category, alongside some of the most innovative and successful companies in the industry.

It is very rewarding for us to have developed a tool with a massively positive impact on e-commerce businesses and the search landscape.

More Than Just a Win: Celebrating Hard Work and Commitment

“On behalf of the entire LupaSearch team, I want to extend our sincere thanks for providing us with this invaluable platform to showcase our work.

These past years have marked a significant shift from traditional keyword search to context-based and generative AI-powered searches in eCommerce. We are enthusiastic to be at the forefront of this transformation, dedicated to enhancing customer experiences through innovative technology. We’re happy to share our passion for eCommerce search which knows how customers think.”

  • Rasa Siskute-Bagdoniene, CEO at LupaSearch

Being shortlisted for this award represents industry recognition for our relentless pursuit of e-commerce search innovation. It is also a win not just for LupaSearch, but for all e-commerce businesses seeking to create a seamless and intuitive search experience for their customers.

Behind LupaSearch is a team driven by high-achieving, outcome-focused developers dedicated to revolutionizing the e-commerce search landscape with their passion and expertise.

Our team believes in building strong client relationships: from our first call with the client to ongoing guidance, we ensure businesses never feel lost in the crowd. They know they can always count on LupaSearch to help them optimize their search experience for maximum impact.

We are grateful for our ambitious team’s dedication and equally thankful for the trust and support of our valued partners and customers. It is this collaborative spirit that drives our innovation in e-commerce search.

Events and recognition fuel our ongoing mission: continuously improving LupaSearch and empowering businesses to achieve success through the power of effective search.

The European Search Awards nomination is a powerful validation of LupaSearch’s innovation. We are thrilled to be recognized among the best in search, and we are confident this is just the beginning of even greater achievements.

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What is LupaSearch and how it helps your eCommerce store?

Increasing Revenue from Ecommerce Search – An interview with Rasa Siskute

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