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Traffic Builders are a nine-time nominee at the European Search Awards 2024

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Published Date 15.04.2024

At Traffic Builders we strive to push marketing boundaries by offering full-funnel marketing services to over 70 clients around the world. We develop award-winning strategies by implementing our own REAN®-model and -framework. The proven-effective REAN®-model ensures an integrated approach in which campaign objectives, marketing channels, communication and KPI’s are aligned optimally. We are excited and proud to share that Traffic Builders has been nominated a total of nine times at the European Search Awards 2024, in eight different categories.


Delivering great results for our clients is what is most important to us. However, these nominations are a great compliment to our specialists and their hard work. Furthermore, these nominations emphasize the great relationship we have with Kuyichi, Mediq and Liander. We are looking forward to elevate our collaboration even more in the future.


With Kuyichi, we developed a sustainable data strategy for improved insights and more impact. With 18% less media spend we realized a 26% increase in in net ROAS. Additionally, we were able to reduce the amount of returns, making a positive impact by reducing environmental impact of the fashion industry. Our nominations:

  • Best Use of Search – Retail/E-commerce (PPC)
  • Best Use of Search – Fashion
  • Best Integrated Campaign
  • Best Use of Data (PPC)


With Mediq we organized the most successful ‘switchers’ campaign of the past few years. By collaborating with Mediq’s legal department and Quantcast, we could leverage AI to reach the target group, despite strict GDPR legislation in the medical market. Our nominations:

  • Best Use of Search – Health
  • Best Use of Data (PPC)
  • Best Use of AI in Search


With Liander, we launched the biggest public campaign in its history: Moving forward with the energy flow. Organizations and consumers experience all kinds of inconveniences due to the energy transition. As a result, Liander receives a lot of complaints and is often portrayed negatively in the news. The results of our campaign? A brand lift of 23%! Our nominations:

  • Best Use of Search – Third Sector/Not for Profit
  • Best Use of Social Media in a Search Campaign

Traffic Builders

Founded in 2001 as one of the first PPC and SEO agencies in The Netherlands, Traffic Builders has over 22 years of experience with digital marketing and analytics. As a full-funnel marketing agency, we enable you to reach the right people at the right moments, with the most appealing message, in every phase of the customer journey. With a team of approximately 60 highly experienced specialists and consultants, we offer full-funnel marketing services like Strategy, Customer Experience Optimization, SEO, SEA, Programmatic Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, Marketplaces, Digital Analytics and E-mail Marketing. These specialists and consultants are experienced in competitive industries, varying from E-commerce, Finance, and Insurance, to Automotive and Health care.

Unbound Group

Traffic Builders is part of Unbound Group, a platform organization consisting of Traffic Builders, Shoq, Datahive360 and Traffic Builders People. Through Unbound we offer expertise in all aspects of marketing, such as brand development, creatives, digital marketing, data management and staffing and inhousing. This way, we can develop holistic brand- and campaign concepts for our clients, that align with our full-funnel vision on media.


To provide clients with award-winning strategies, we use our own REAN®-model and -framework. The model is used to develop, execute, and adjust effective marketing strategies, by ensuring synergy between marketing channels and focus on the right metrics within the different phases of the customer journey. The model has been proven effective for chances or challenges in numerous disciplines, including digital transformation, proposition development and communication, marketing strategy and budgeting, and KPIs and marketing channel management.

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