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Unnamed Projects Journey to the European Search Awards

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Published Date 17.04.2024

At Unnamed Project, our passion for digital marketing and SEO is evident in our work. Led by our CEO, Giomero Brand, our small and young team delivers award-nominated results with our unique approach to SEO. We believe that hard work will always win over easy work, and we believe that every business deserves to be visible on Google. This commitment is reflected in the budgets we manage and in the transparent pricing on our website. We maintain low retainers despite the exceptional quality of our work, enabling us to assist numerous SMB owners in significantly growing their businesses. That is why it feels so special to us that we are now being recognized by the prestigious European Search Awards.

Project Overview: Local SEO Mastery

Our award-nominated project involved an SEO campaign for Justina Massage, a local business in The Hague. Tasked with the challenge of enhancing their digital footprint, we focused on the high-volume keyword ‘massage Den Haag,’ aiming for a top-ranking position on Google. Our approach was holistic, considering every aspect of Justina’s online presence, from on-page SEO to social media engagement.

Operating on a modest budget, our strategy was not to outspend but to outsmart. Our strategy involved detailed keyword analysis using SEMrush, educating Justina on SEO best practices, and guiding her through the process of soliciting impactful customer feedback. This hands-on, personalized service has not only met but also exceeded our SEO goals.

The challenge was clear: a limited budget, which meant traditional, expansive SEO campaigns were off the table. Instead, we focused on advising Justina on effective, cost-free methods to enhance her SEO. This included guiding her in gathering customer reviews and updating key website and social media elements—strategies requiring minimal financial investment but offering significant SEO benefits.

We achieved top positions on Google with almost every keyword, including ‘massage’ and ‘The Hague,’ which significantly boosted her business. In our view, the most rewarding aspect of marketing is witnessing a business achieve its goals and grow each quarter. This kind of success story is exactly what the European Search Awards celebrate—innovation, excellence, and transformative impacts in the digital marketing landscape. Being recognized by such a prestigious award is not only motivational but also reinforces our commitment to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in SEO and digital marketing.

Testimonials About the European Search Awards

Justina, Owner of Justina Massage:

“Working with Unnamed Project transformed my business, and seeing our campaign being nominated for the European Search Awards feels incredibly rewarding. Their strategic SEO efforts significantly enhanced my visibility in The Hague, directly boosting my client base and business growth. This nomination is well-deserved, and it reflects the genuine impact they can create for small businesses like mine.”

Unnamed Project Team:

“Being nominated for the European Search Awards is a milestone that fills our entire team with immense pride. It’s a testament to the innovative spirit and tireless efforts we put into every project. This nomination not only recognizes our commitment to pushing the digital boundaries but also inspires us to continue our mission of making high-quality SEO and digital marketing accessible to all businesses, regardless of size. We are thrilled to be acknowledged in such a significant way and are motivated to keep setting new standards in the industry.”

Giomero Brand, CEO & Founder of Unnamed Project:

“The nomination for the European Search Awards is a profound honor and a validation of the hard work and unique approach we’ve taken at Unnamed Project. This recognition not only elevates our spirits but also solidifies our resolve to continue innovating and providing unmatched SEO solutions. It’s gratifying to see our dedication to excellence and our commitment to SMBs recognized on such a prestigious platform.”

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