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Harbingers are shortlisted for eight awards at the 2024 European Search Awards

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Published Date 19.04.2024

Harbingers is a leading marketing agency with a decade of experience helping businesses achieve top positions online. Our team of dedicated professionals develops strategies that combine Analytics, Social Media, Technology, and Creation to boost our Partners’ revenue every day. We use a range of tools like SEO, Content Marketing, and targeted ads on Google and Facebook to tackle challenges effectively. Our commitment helps our Partners grow and succeed.

This year, we are excited to be nominated in several categories at the European Search Awards.

– Best SEO Campaign — Harbingers & Apteline — Content bases as a source of healthy traffic

The Harbingers & Apteline campaign focused on reversing declining trends in Poland’s pharmacy sector by targeting women with SEO and content strategies, such as introducing a BMI calculator. Despite industry restrictions, the campaign successfully exceeded its goals by significantly increasing visibility, sessions, and revenue, proving effective in a regulated market.

– Best Use of Content Marketing — Harbingers & Inter Cars — Maximising visibility in the automotive sector

This campaign aimed to increase the online presence of Inter Cars through content tailored for diverse car-related personas. By managing content volume and quality, the campaign greatly enhanced organic sessions and keyword rankings, emphasizing its data-driven and audience-engaged strategy.

– Best Use of Search — Fashion — Harbingers & Lancerto — Follow the trends and look good in the search engine!

Focused on men’s fashion, this campaign utilized content marketing tools to offer fashion advice and lifestyle tips, adhering to Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines. It surpassed its targets in sessions and key phrase increases, demonstrating adaptability in a competitive fashion market.

– Best Use of Search – Health — Harbingers & MedicStar — Meeting the challenges of the medical clothing market

Targeting specific medical professions, the MedicStar campaign optimized conversion rates with targeted ads and personalized landing pages, significantly exceeding revenue targets and achieving a high ROAS, showcasing effective niche marketing in medical apparel.

– Best Use of Search – Finance (PPC) — Harbingers & KPR PPC — A breakthrough in the perception of restructuring

Aiming to transform the perception of restructuring in Poland, this campaign utilized Google Ads and creative content to educate and change public opinion. It succeeded in generating high-quality leads and changing perceptions about restructuring, highlighting its societal impact.

– Best Use of Search – Finance (SEO) — Harbingers & KPR SEO/CM — The law stands guard over Your interests

This campaign aimed to educate on restructuring opportunities, achieving an impressive increase in organic sessions and new cases through content marketing. It effectively engaged a niche audience, reinforcing KPR’s authority in the restructuring sector.

– Best Local Campaign (SEO) — Harbingers & — How to achieve success after service migration

Despite the challenge of a website migration, the campaign for focused on optimizing key pages to enhance performance in the competitive laser hair removal market. It substantially increased revenue and engagement rates, managing a critical transition successfully.

– Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO) — Harbingers & Link 4 — Find, click, insure — SEO that works

The “Find, click, insure – SEO that works” campaign for LINK4 focused on enhancing SEO performance through strategic content and site migration management. It achieved notable improvements in visibility and revenue, showcasing a successful SEO strategy in the insurance industry.

Every nomination is a huge honor for us. We want to thank our Partners for their trust and ongoing collaboration, which help us achieve great results together. We also appreciate our agency’s experts, whose hard work makes these successes possible. We can’t wait to see the results!

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