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StrategiQ are thrilled to be shortlisted for a European Search Award

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Published Date 19.04.2024

About Us

Welcome to StrategiQ, a 55-strong integrated marketing, creative, and development team based in four offices in Suffolk, London, the Midlands, and Manchester. Our ‘One Team, One Agency, One Strategy’ mentality means that while everyone on our team has a specialism, we’re all marketers, including our SEO team, looking to make a significant impact on clients with a completely integrated approach to solving business challenges to drive growth. 

As an agency, we’re passionate about entering awards. We recognise the immense work that goes into creating award-winning search campaigns, as part of wider digital strategies, and the submission process gives us valuable time to recapture exactly why we get up in the morning and see firsthand how our campaigns have performed. Being shortlisted for the European Search Awards, Best Use of Search, Finance, really does show just how far we have come in upskilling our team and now delivering world-class marketing services. 

The team is based all over the UK, and we have worked hard to ensure that communication and collaboration continue to be the foundation of how we work. We implement daily scrums, weekly stand-ups, and a mentoring system, to support the less experienced team members, who have made astounding progress in the quality of the work they deliver.

In addition, we continue to work to become a destination agency for talent and clients, and award shortlistings, such as this one, support our vision by demonstrating the calibre of talent and clients that we are proud to work alongside.

About our Entry

Complex, intricate, and requiring pace and finesse, the award entry details our work with the Fintech challenger brand, TraditionData. TraditionData was shaking things up with a bold, fresh perspective in a crowded market – however, its external presence failed to keep up with its internal evolution. TraditionData considered themselves a ‘big player’, but their rankings did not reflect their aggressive surge in the market.

In 2023, StrategiQ and TraditionData launched a new website, presenting the challenge and opportunity of a blank canvas, on which to build our Search campaign.

Our approach was rooted in effective communication, trust-building, and presentations that meticulously outlined the size of the opportunity, benchmarked against competitors, and presented a compelling business case for SEO.

This campaign housed a unique blend of decomplexifying content and leveraging AI to serve a new market, unlocking broader opportunities for TraditionData to garner relevant and lucrative inquiries in a fiercely competitive space.  The campaign had to be aggressive and agile, to reflect the pioneering and entrepreneurial ethos of the client, whilst being sympathetic to the lack of understanding and confidence at the board level, demonstrating expertise, and backing up our hypotheses with robust, data-driven arguments. 

Starting from scratch in a complex field went from an obstacle to an opportunity, as we harnessed informational content to target higher in the funnel. More challenging, was the task of turning a sceptical sentiment into a bought-in, two-way partnership, that continues to see TraditionData assert itself as an emerging challenger in a competitive space.

““StrategiQ’s team not only completed the brief to an exceptional level, but their innovative thinking gives them an edge over other agencies. It is a joy to work with them and their team is fully integrated with ours,” Lexa Palfrey, Global Marketing Manager

The campaign’s success signifies the importance of strong agency/client relationships. We became an indispensable partner by imparting our expertise to deliver against well-understood KPIs, working in real business terms. 

A word from our Head of Paid Media and SEO, Dale Olorenshaw “This shortlisting is so important in conveying how far we have come as an SEO team, and an agency as a whole. Working in a complex space, building trust, and creating a strong rapport was at the heart of the campaign’s success, and we are so happy to be recognised for our efforts.”

Jack Fuller, Senior SEO specialist said “One of the key elements that sets this campaign apart, and driving us to enter this award, is the pace and integration of human expertise with AI to be able to deliver short, mid, and long term results in a complex industry. It’s been an incredible account to work on, and continues to yield exceptional results in search.”

We wish our peers and fellow entrants every success and look forward to meeting everyone on the night.

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