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SAMOSEO shortlisted for two awards at the 2024 European Search Awards

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Published Date 23.04.2024

SAMOSEO is a marketing agency located in Gdańsk, the major city of the Tricity metropolitan area in northern Poland. Specializing in website positioning, we serve both large organizations and small to medium-sized businesses.

We are a team of dedicated SEO experts with extensive experience in website positioning. We provide comprehensive SEO solutions, encompassing SEO audits, local and global positioning strategies, content planning, and SEO consulting.

We always tailor our strategies to adhere to the latest Google guidelines and the unique needs of our clients. By collaborating with seasoned copywriters, we create unique content that resonates with the intent and requirements of the target audience. Moreover, high-quality backlinks are our priority.

In our daily operations, we place strong emphasis on technical optimization, quality content creation, analysis, and user experience (UX). Our efforts lead to a significant increase in valuable organic traffic to websites, consequently boosting conversions.

We prioritize close collaboration with our clients, nurturing long-term relationships built on trust. We understand that SEO is not a sprint but a marathon, since it demands time and dedication from both the SEO agency running the campaign and the client actively participating in the implementations.

At SAMOSEO, it all starts with a conversation. We strive to deeply understand our client’s industry, business objectives, and the competitive landscape. Before taking any action, we conduct a comprehensive website audit, focusing on aspects like internal link analysis, URL structure, duplication, and header arrangement. We relish challenges and cater to businesses across diverse sectors, even the most competitive ones. We are eager to implement innovative ideas to further enhance the effectiveness of campaigns, going the extra mile to support our clients in achieving top search engine positions.

SAMOSEO has been in the market since 2017, though many of our specialists boast an even longer history in the industry. We are proud to have an impressive portfolio of hundreds of successful SEO campaigns, and we have decided it is time to share them with the world. That is why this year, we participated for the first time in the European Search Awards with a campaign for The results exceeded our wildest expectations – we received two nominations in the categories of Best Use of Search – B2B (SEO) (Small) and Best Low Budget Campaign (SEO) (Small). is the leading distributor of promotional merchandise in Poland, targeting the B2B sector. The company offers an extensive range of customizable products, from standard office gadgets like mugs, pens, and notebooks to exclusive VIP gifts for premium clients, such as fountain pens, pocket knives, drones, and watches.

Before launching the campaign, we conducted a detailed website audit and competitor analysis. We developed a comprehensive strategy that involved both on-site and off-site actions, focusing on specific keywords tailored to our target audience of business clients. Subsequently, we implemented a variety of technical optimization strategies, expanded the website content by adding dozens of new blog articles and category descriptions, and acquired high-quality backlinks leading to the client’s site.

The high level of competition posed one of the primary challenges in this campaign. Through consistent SEO efforts, however, we secured top rankings for the most competitive keywords, thereby enhancing user trust. Another obstacle was differentiating B2B from B2C traffic, which we managed by identifying keywords specific to the B2B sector.

What were the outcomes of this campaign? We achieved a greater number of keywords in the TOP3 and TOP10 positions, increased organic traffic levels, climbed to the 1st position in SERPs for the keyword “promotional gadgets,” and experienced growth in revenue from organic search results.

“The European Search Awards is one of the most significant events in the SEO industry. It is an honor to be nominated in two categories,” says Piotr Wiśniewski, SEO Team Leader at SAMOSEO who coordinated the campaign. “We have demonstrated that outstanding results are achievable even with a modest budget, and in such a competitive industry as promotional merchandise. This success belongs to the entire SAMOSEO team and serves as significant motivation for our future work”.

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