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Data-Driven Success: IIH Nordic receives nine nominations for European Search Awards

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Published Date 29.04.2024

We’re over the moon at the IIH Nordic office these days, and there’s a very good reason for all the big smiles: We’ve got nine chances to take home one of the prestigious awards at this year’s European Search Awards in Prague.

In the past we’ve been nominated in one of the categories. To be nominated nine times this year is a great honor and achievement for us and it demonstrates how IIH Nordic continues to grow.

“I’m really proud of the team and the excellent specialist work they have done. It shows that when you involve highly qualified specialists who are able to combine best practice optimization with strategic advice and the use of the latest technologies, you can achieve great results for your business,” says Rosa Damgaard, Paid Search Team Lead, IIH Nordic and is supported by SEO Team Lead Viktoria Steuber:

“The extraordinary work of my team once again shows our commitment to SEO work and our customers. We constantly strive to deliver the optimal results for our customers by leveraging data and innovative technologies.”

Reaping the rewards of data strategy

Data is at the heart of everything we do at IIH Nordic. We are the leading data agency in Denmark, and our data-driven strategy is one of the factors behind our nominations for this year’s awards.

“It’s a combination of our data-driven approach and the high level of professionalism within paid search and SEO that allows us to create world-class results and now have nine nominations for the European Search Awards. In addition, we have some visionary customers who give us the opportunities to push the boundaries of what is possible in digital marketing.” says Jonas Schaltz Østerbye, Director of Digital Marketing & GMP.

IIH Nordic’s nominated work

From transforming healthcare marketing to driving sustainable growth across multiple sectors, our work with clients has delivered unparalleled results. Below is a compiled brief description of each of the shortlisted cases, highlighting the great achievements:

Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC)

– Revolutionizing Healthcare Marketing with Unprecedented Results

Through a Performance Max campaign, Audionova saw a 1250% increase in conversions and a 6720% decrease in cost per conversion. Targeted audience segmentation and compelling visual content drove success, highlighting the power of strategic digital marketing in the healthcare sector.

Best Use of Search – Health

– Reviving ROAS: Targeting Profitable Products with Strategic Precision

With a tailored approach focusing on optimizing product feeds and implementing Performance Max campaigns, E-Invasion achieved remarkable results: a 41% increase in ROAS, 137.5% more conversions, and a 164% increase in conversion value.

Best Use of Search – Finance (PPC) and Best PPC Campaign

– Strategic Pivot: From Challenges to Record-Breaking Results

SevenDay Bank overcame GA4 challenges with IIH Nordic’s strategic expertise, achieving record-breaking results. With a focus on enhancing Google Ads Quality Score, they slashed CPC by 19% and boosted website traffic by 10%.

Best Use of Search – B2B (PPC)

– Dusting up the conversions with SA360

Nilfisk achieved a remarkable 106% increase in leads with a strategic shift from branded to generic traffic and advanced audience segmentation. This success story underscores the power of data-driven collaboration in optimizing marketing strategies and driving business growth.

Best Use of Search – Automotive

– A fossil-free future with SEO

Highlighting e-mobility solutions, Q8 achieved a 200% increase in engaged sessions and 232% more clicks. Through in-depth keyword analysis and local SEO optimization, saw significant improvements in rankings and user engagement, showcasing the power of strategic digital marketing for sustainability initiatives.

Best Use of Search – Travel/Leisure (SEO)

– A successful SEO Migration Unveils the Wonderful World 

Stjernegaard Rejser partnered with IIH Nordic for a strategic SEO migration, maintaining record-high visibility and achieving a 26% increase in keyword visibility. Despite unexpected shifts in the digital landscape, meticulous planning and expert execution led to remarkable success. 

Best Local Campaign (PPC)

– A Toothrific Digital Marketing Journey

Tandlæ partnered with IIH Nordic for a successful Google Ads campaign, resulting in a 55% increase in conversions and a 36% reduction in cost per conversion. Despite legislative hurdles, a tailored strategy focusing on local presence and optimized keywords led to impressive results.

Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO)

– Taking A Jab At Odontophobia With SEO achieved a 170% traffic boost through strategic SEO, showcasing the power of data-driven tactics and expert optimization.

About IIH Nordic

With a solid foundation of experience and over 50 dedicated consultants, IIH Nordic has worked to increase the value of Danish and international companies’ digital investments since 2005. We realize our clients’ full digital potential.






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