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Intren Digital are proud to be shortlisted for two European Search Awards

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Published Date 29.04.2024

About us:

We proudly claim to be Hungary’s pioneering data-driven digital agency. We started as a Google Partner in 2008, the year we were founded, so designing, implementing, measuring and optimizing performance-based campaigns is one of our strongest competencies. Thanks to our rapid development, we have grown into a full service agency. We are best known in the industry for our analytical approach. We always try to back up our creative ideas with data-driven insights, because our goal is efficiency.

We have a wide range of partnerships, but the most prominent are: 

– We are official Google Analytics 360 suite resellers in Hungary

– Since 2009 we are Google Adwords Seminar Leaders

– Google Regional Agency Day Partners

– Google Premier Partners

– Official VWO resellers

– Criteo Partners 

We take pride in our work, and as part of our social responsibility, we are delighted to work for organizations that support noble causes. For many years, we have helped numerous of them with excellent results. We also help with donations whenever we can, so at Christmas, we support organizations that help disadvantaged children improve their computer skills. We love to learn as well as to teach, our colleagues regularly attend universities as speakers, and we have our own in-house internship programme to ensure we have the next generation of professionals.

Being shortlisted in two different categories for ESA for the third year running and after winning five awards, we feel honored to have been shortlisted again this year alongside a number of excellent competitors. This contest encourages us year after year to push our professional development to the next level and to dare to dream big, because even as a small Eastern European agency we can achieve outstanding results on an international scale.

Allow us to introduce you to two of our most important teams, to whom we owe our nominations.

SEO and DEV team:

Our development team is characterized by speed, agility and a performance approach. We don’t look at a site or any line of code separately, but also consider its role in the digital ecosystem and its business purpose. Accordingly, we offer cost-effective template-based solutions, including tailor-made solutions. Our internal development provides an important interface and professional support to both the Ad Operations and Analytics teams, ensuring that our business units are constantly innovating, as our websites are published and Hungary’s top Google Ads, SEO and Meta advertising experts help to promote and drive their business to success in the online space.

PPC team:

INTREN’s PPC advertising team was our first branch, and since then, it’s been the leading and largest team. We started in the founding year, 2008, and we were one of the first to be certified as a Google Enterprise Partner. Shortly afterwards, we became the first national official trainer and started to spread the knowledge, training more than 2000 colleagues in the following years in the ins and outs of Google Ads (then AdWords).

The team manages all the advertising systems where we can buy ads on a bid basis. We also manage and administer Shopping accounts and use programmatic solutions. But our expertise does not stop at managing the tools, our ad evaluations, analytics, advanced reporting, landing page optimisation and consultancy services are all necessary to make this activity the strongest cornerstone of the overall digital marketing ecosystem.

Now that you’ve got to know us better, let’s see what projects led us to the nominations.


With our client, Uniqa, a prominent financial player in Hungary, we started a new SEO digital campaign in October 2022. With a clear objective of boosting organic traffic to its website and key insurance services, we set ambitious targets to be achieved within a year.

Uniqa’s target audience was individuals in Hungary interested and keen on managing their insurance online. To reach this audience effectively, the campaign strategy revolved around content-based SEO work. By optimizing landing pages and producing informative blog articles addressing common insurance queries, Uniqa aimed to position itself as a valuable resource for new and existing customers.

Careful preparation and execution were required for the campaign’s implementation. To increase their exposure in search engine results pages, landing sites that already existed received extensive SEO optimization. In an effort to meet the varied demands of the intended audience, fresh and informative content was also produced to cover particular insurance-related subjects.

Uniqa’s website experienced several technical difficulties, a thorough technical SEO assessment was required, and several serious SEO mistakes had to be fixed. Furthermore, the insurance industry in Hungary turned out to be extremely competitive, necessitating Uniqa to use creative approaches to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Despite these difficulties, our work paid off immensely. Significant increases in organic traffic (191% increase in clicks, 206% increase in impressions, and 168% increase in av. keyword positions) to Uniqa’s website and important insurance pages were the campaign’s observable outcomes.


Together with Yettel Zrt, one of the top mobile network providers in Hungary, we launched two successful SEO campaigns in 2023.

Our first one was about the acquisition of potential new users in Hungary with an interest in the digital world. To effectively reach them, we created a content strategy based on keyword clusters, with the help of focused keyword research, and created interesting long-form material intended to different user interests. The goal was to satisfy customers seeking knowledge by offering relevant content to them.

The campaign’s implementation required a thorough analysis of target keywords, the creation of an effective content strategy, and the writing of captivating long-form material. To increase Yettel’s authority and digital know-how, we identified several high-potential keywords and produced evergreen content.

We overcame our obstacles including launching a new blog interface and building Yettel’s brand recognition in a difficult industry (main competitors: Telekom and Vodafone) by using inventive keyword utilization and content creation. By the end of 2023, the campaign had surpassed its initial goals with 423% in clicks and 1087% in impressions, demonstrating its efficiency.

The campaign’s creative content marketing strategy and capacity to raise Yettel’s brand awareness in a competitive market were key factors in its success.

Our second campaign was all about conversions. Implementation involved writing engaging material that was optimized for search engines and catered to the needs of the Yettel audience focused on products. Challenges included inadequate website content and brand recognition issues (Telenor – Yettel rebranding). By skillfully combining its new brand name with high-volume keywords, introducing several new conversion points, and clever product placements, Yettel was able to overcome these challenges.

The blog exceeded expectations in terms of assisted conversions, reaching a 200% increase by the end of 2023. Yettel positioned itself as a pioneer in digital transformation thanks to its creative approach to content production and SEO optimization.


In 2023, E.ON Hungary faced challenges in its air conditioning sales strategy due to disruptions in consumer behavior. Initially falling behind target numbers, the company shifted focus from traditional requests for proposals (RFP) to promoting the air conditioning webshop. Despite their best efforts to boost sales through price reductions and promotions, results were below expectations. Realizing the need for a new approach, E.ON highlighted air conditioning’s heating capabilities during colder months, attracting customers seeking immediate solutions. Introducing installment payment options made products more accessible, increasing sales throughout the year. Despite initial setbacks, E.ON achieved a 49% increase in RFPs in 2023, surpassing targets while maintaining cost efficiency. Close collaboration with customers and continuous strategy adjustments led to success, marking a 25% increase over the previous year.


AKH, one of Hungary’s largest tire webshops, aimed to grow further while reducing the cost per tire due to hyperinflation. Despite expanding sales to neighboring countries in 2022, a defensive strategy was adopted in 2023 to focus on cost reduction. Marketing efforts were restructured to observe sales performance rather than unquestioningly increasing spending. Segmentation focused on season, tire size, and brand. Remarketing strategies and dynamic campaigns were applied based on user behavior. Despite uncertainties like the war and inflation, sales rose by 13% in 2023 while reducing costs by 22%. Continuous budget reallocation ensured effective channel targeting and identification of new market opportunities.

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