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Searchmind shortlisted with 8 cases: A Testament to Our Excellent Digital Marketing Teams

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Published Date 29.04.2024

As a beacon of innovation in digital marketing, Searchmind has consistently challenged the boundaries of what is possible within the realms of SEO and PPC. Our dedication to ambitious strategies and commitment to excellence has not only set us apart but has also paved our way to the European Search Awards shortlists once again.

This year, we are shortlisted in several categories, marking a significant milestone in our journey as a top performing digital marketing agency. These nominations serve as a testament to the skill, creativity, and tireless efforts of our team:

  • Best Large Integrated Search Agency
  • Organic Basics: Best Use of Search – Retail / Ecommerce (PPC) (LARGE)
  • Organic Basics: Best Use of Search – FASHION (LARGE)
  • ANGULUS: Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO) (LARGE)
  • Dyberg Larsen: Best Low Budget Campaign (SEO) (LARGE)
  • Fleggaard: Best Local Campaign (PPC) (LARGE)
  • Adax: Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC) (LARGE)
  • Fleggaard: Best PPC Campaign (LARGE)

Best Large Integrated Search Agency: a Moment of Pride

At Searchmind, our nomination for the “Best Large Integrated Search Agency” at the European Search Awards represents great pride as we perceive it as a testament to the expertise and dedication of our teams. This nomination not only underscores our holistic approach to digital marketing but also highlights the exceptional results we’ve achieved across all service lines – SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Content and Creative, Email Marketing and Martech.

Being nominated for ‘Best Large Integrated Search Agency’ is especially rewarding as it acknowledges our ability to deliver comprehensive, integrated strategies that yield measurable results. We leverage the full spectrum of digital marketing disciplines to create synergistic effects that significantly boost client outcomes. This allows us to quickly adapt to market changes and effectively align our strategies across different channels, ensuring a consistent customer experience.

“Our strategic emphasis on low employee turnover and a supportive company culture is crucial. The stability our dedicated team members provide allows us to maintain continuity in client relationships, a rare advantage in the typically high-turnover digital marketing industry”, CPO at Searchmind, Kasper Kolaski Olesen, states.

The strong culture at Searchmind is affecting our teams who are always striving to positively challenge themselves and their clients leading to nominations in 8 categories this year. This reflects our commitment to excellence and demonstrates that our employees are among the best in the industry.

Enhancing Bidding Strategies and Leveraging Data in PPC Campaigns

One of the major challenges in our PPC campaigns in 2023 has been optimizing bidding strategies in a highly competitive market. Our approach has involved the use of advanced machine learning and algorithm-based adjustments to maximize the efficiency of ad spend and achieve superior ROAS. This has required in-depth analysis of the conversion funnel and user behavior, allowing us to adjust bids in real-time based on market changes and user interactions.

Our work in refining and optimizing PPC campaigns has not only significantly improved our clients’ visibility and ROI but has also challenged our team to adapt new methods and tailor their work to the specific client needs. In our campaign for Adax, we leveraged machine learning algorithms to dynamically adjust bids and allocate budget in real-time, maximizing efficiency even with limited resources. This approach helped us exceed performance targets, achieving a substantial increase in ROAS.

Furthermore, our work with Fleggaard illustrated how data-driven strategies could revitalize a brand’s digital presence. By analyzing historical purchase data and integrating it with current market trends, we customized our PPC efforts to target specific geographical areas, boosting store visits and online transactions by remarkable margins.

In our collaboration with Organic Basics, we are proud of our successful expansion into new markets. In 2023, we ambitiously doubled their presence from 5 to 10 markets, demonstrating our capability to adapt and scale globally.

“These cases highlight our team’s prowess in harnessing technology to exceed client expectations, making us particularly proud of our contributions to the field of PPC and digital marketing at large”, Head of PPC, Aske Warming states.

Enhancing Page Speed and Metadata for Better SEO Performance

Our SEO team has been instrumental in refining site architecture and applying comprehensive schema markup, significantly enhancing how search engines index and understand our content. This meticulous work included an in-depth revision of metadata and optimization of page speed through streamlined code and improved image files, setting a robust foundation for our SEO strategies.

Karsten Hansen, Head of SEO at Searchmind, explains the impact of these efforts: “Our team’s rigorous data analysis and robust technical skills have greatly enhanced search visibility and organic engagement across our client portfolio.

Furthermore, our team has demonstrated their ability to adapt and innovate under budget constraints. By optimizing generic search terms, enhancing site architecture, and strategically implementing schema markup, we’ve significantly elevated conversion rates and overall site performance.”

Hansen adds: “These achievements underscore our SEO team’s expertise and the measurable results we deliver, contributing to our proud nominations for clients like ANGULUS and Dyberg Larsen. Their work exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with SEO, ensuring our clients excel in their respective markets.”

About Searchmind

Searchmind is a Danish performance marketing agency committed to digital growth and business development with our clients. Located in central Aarhus, our team of more than 50 experts – including strategists, specialists and consultants, translates data-driven insights into effective strategies and actions that resonate with our clients. We are committed to honest advice and deep expertise, striving for growth through a balanced focus on both quantitative results and meaningful relationships. We excel in understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client, establishing ourselves as a reliable partner throughout the digital customer journey.

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