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We are delighted to announce that AnalyticaHouse has been selected as a finalist for the coveted “Best Use of AI in Search” award at the European Search Awards 2024!

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Published Date 29.04.2024

At AnalyticaHouse, we operate six distinct departments, each dedicated to data-driven holistic marketing operations. We offer our clients a comprehensive consultancy experience from start to finish. While we produce numerous projects within this integrated framework, achieving finalist status in this prestigious annual global event carries exceptional significance.

The Fusion of AI and Automation at AnalyticaHouse

Automation plays a crucial role in enhancing our efficiency at AnalyticaHouse. By automating controllable and standardized operations, we can redirect our efforts toward more creative and strategic thinking. The systems we’ve established reduce our daily workload, allowing us to engage more deeply with the core concepts that define marketing.

We have begun integrating AI into our automation processes, particularly leveraging developments from OpenAI and the user-friendly nature of its API. This integration brings the creative power and processing capacity of AI into the workflows at AnalyticaHouse.

Today, we’ll discuss one of our projects in this realm—the system we developed for SOVOS Turkey, which has made it a finalist at the EU Search Awards 2024.

Leveraging AI to Overcome Marketing Challenges in a Digital Age

In today’s world, the attention spans and engagement thresholds of users are diminishing day by day. Accelerating technology and intensifying competition make capturing a user’s interest at the first point of contact increasingly challenging. Coupled with the constantly evolving user psychology and desires, crafting marketing communications that adapt to changing consumer behaviors presents a significant challenge.

At this juncture, we have merged traditional technologies with the power of AI to create a system that understands user needs and psychological states in real time. This system enables us to identify evolving user personas and generate personalized advertising communications that dynamically adapt to these changes.

Revolutionizing Ad Strategies with AI and Real-Time Data

At this stage, we created a Google Sheets document to organize all data and feed Google Ads with the generated ad copy.

Using Ads scripts, we identified other search terms that the user group interacted with. Furthermore, the script provided age and gender distribution data for this user group, helping us understand the predominant demographics.

Through Apps Script, we fetched location and interest data for the relevant user group from GA4 and organized these into tables for persona creation.

Additionally, using the SERP API, we retrieved the most frequently searched topics and terms by this user group from Google Trends and added these to our persona table.

We also fed this structured data into the OpenAI API and GPT-4 Turbo script using Apps Script. Thanks to predefined business criteria and relevant signals, GPT-4 Turbo was able to generate a detailed persona.

After the Persona Creator script outputted the persona, it was re-inputted into GPT-4 Turbo along with the target main keyword, requesting five unique keywords for this persona. The brief given to GPT-4 included dopamine-triggering communication and neuromarketing techniques suitable for B2B marketing, thus enhancing the impact of the generated ad copy.

The ad texts produced were then applied to relevant ads through Google Ads Customizers and updated weekly to ensure the data reflected current user behavior and demographics, allowing for dynamically tailored ad copy.

Comparatively, against a static generic ad, the dynamic ad demonstrated a 27% increase in CTR, a 20% reduction in CPC, and a 40% rise in conversions over the testing period.

Evolving with AI: Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, and this acceleration is set to continue. The ease of use of artificial intelligence, as in various industries, has led to rapid changes in the world of digital marketing as well.

The enhancement and optimization of traditional technological approaches, when combined with AI and reinforced with validated knowledge, offer incredible potential to keep pace with this changing world and match its speed, perhaps even helping to create the new.

In today’s world, executing user-centric marketing operations and being able to optimize them instantaneously based on changing signals carries great significance for achieving both strong performance and cost-effective marketing spending.

Our approach in this project not only highlights the contributions and value of personalized marketing operations but also demonstrates how we can leverage the most advanced technological solutions of the new world in familiar and simple ways. This endeavor may inspire brand-new projects and ideas, and it sets a new benchmark for personalized marketing and the use of AI in the digital marketing realm.

Team Testimonials About the European Search Awards

“At this transformative moment, we, the AnalyticaHouse team, are both inspired and emboldened by the recognition and appreciation this work has received from a prestigious and respected organization like the European Search Awards. It has been a source of great pride for us and has fueled our motivation on this journey towards the next: to the future.” Project Owner | Emrecan Karakus – Performance Marketing Manager @AnalyticaHouse

Being selected as a finalist at the European Search Awards is a profound validation of the strategies we’ve deployed and the innovations we’ve cultivated along this path. As an organization, we take great pride in the achievements of our team and the milestones we’ve reached together.

This project is a snapshot of our overarching methodology, showcasing the exceptional service we deliver to our clients and customers. Our diverse team spans Performance Marketing, Data Science, Product Analytics, SEO, Media & Planning, and Marketing Communications forming a cohesive unit dedicated to overseeing and enhancing every aspect of our clients’ marketing strategies.

With this integrated approach, we not only help our clients meet their goals across various industries but also drive them toward pioneering outcomes by implementing operational and strategic initiatives that lead the market and foster innovative solutions.

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