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JBH are delighted to be nominated for three European Search Awards 2024

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Published Date 30.04.2024

The JBH team is delighted to be shortlisted for three European Search Awards for our work with clients Ultimate Mats, Select Car Leasing and Wethrift.

Being shortlisted in the “Best Use of Search – B2B SEO Small”, “Best Use of Content Marketing” and “Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign” categories as a Digital PR Agency showcases the true power Digital PR has in boosting organic SEO growth.

About JBH

JBH was launched in 2013 by three friends and colleagues who wanted to build an agency that was a expert in its field. By transforming from a content agency to a digital PR agency in 2018, JBH has built one of the best digital PR teams in the UK working with consumer brands all over the world to build organic visibility and brand fame.

Why building links isn’t enough

At its core, here at JBH we dedicate ourselves to delivering digital PR and SEO activity with a focus on performance. The PR, SEO, and content teams working across each of the agency’s clients ensure that all campaigns refer back to a focused performance strategy, which is determined by such factors as:

  • What type of links our clients need within their profile – what are their link gaps compared to competitors and what opportunities are there to secure links their competitors don’t have?
  • Where those links should come from looking at a mix of industry and authoritative publications, and where those links should be pointed to on the client’s website for maximum impact. E.g. can we point links to ‘money’ pages
  • How will the links we earn impact our clients website and brand? We don’t care about earning a quantity of links, we care about the commercial impact of those links on rankings, traffic and sales, plus how the brand is positioned in the process.

At JBH, we’re always trying to tie our digital PR and SEO activity back to brand and commercial objectives to ensure our strategies have real, measurable impact and benefits across the brand.

2024 Award Nominations – Recovery, Relevance and Rankings

Ultimate Mats – Best Use of Search (B2B SEO Small)

We’ve been working with Ultimate Mats, a US-based ecommerce brand since August 2023 on both SEO and supporting digital PR activity. They were looking for an agency to support them recover from rankings and regain control over their rankings following being badly affected by the December 2022 Helpful Content Update, as well as link spam updates.

During this relatively short period, our strategy has:

  • Increased site-wide traffic, including a 205% increase in traffic to the ‘carpeted entrances’ category page.
  • 187% increase in traffic to the ‘WaterHog entry mats’ category page.
  • 38.8% increase in product clicks from search.
  • Boosted 247 keywords in positions 1-10.

Select Car Leasing – Best Use of Content Marketing

The automotive sector is highly competitive, with around 92% of consumers starting their car-buying journey online. Therefore, when creating content campaigns for Select Car Leasing, our teams were focused on stories that reflected the brand’s sometimes niche offering (van leasing) with angles that remained relevant to wider audiences and publications.

Our strategy for Select Car Leasing consisted of a blend of short and long-term digital PR tactics, including reactive pitches, newsroom activity, thought leadership placements, and larger data-driven on-site campaigns. This combination helped to drive links from both high-traffic, high-authority domains, as well as niche publications while opening the brand up to new, untapped audiences.

Over the last twelve months, the results we have produced for Select Car Leasing speak for themselves:

  • Exceeded our target link KPI by 262%.
  • Increased the number of referring domains linking back to sites by 158%.
  • Increased the overall number of page 1 positions by 29%.
  • and increase organic traffic by over 14%.

Wethrift – Best Use of Search in a PR Campaign

Since commencing our partnership with Wethrift back in 2021 and increasing organic traffic to the site by 258%, our challenge during the past twelve months has been to defend search positions while continuing to grow the brand across wider territories.

Our PR strategy for Wethrift – which has > 76,000 commercial pages – looked at the niche topic areas to focus on, to help us increase visibility across the UK, US, and Australia. These topics were in Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Food and Home Interiors.

Through data-driven hero campaigns, newsroom activity, reactive commentary and proactive thought-leadership placements, our work for Wethrift has resulted in:

  • Generated more than 200 backlinks to key target pages
  • Increased organic traffic by 47%.
  • Increased Wethrift’s Share of Search by 72%.

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