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Keeping Our Nose in the Track: How Obsidian Digital’s Relentless Focus and Expansion Are Paving the Way For International Success

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Published Date 30.04.2024

In Denmark, we have a saying about having your “nose in the track” – a metaphor for intense focus on a specific goal, often to the exclusion of everything else. At Obsidian Digital, this focused approach has not only defined the past 8 years but has also propelled us from a small startup to a major player on the digital marketing stage. Thus, now is the time for us to look up from our track and to look toward international recognition. We put forth a few of our best cases and we are ecstatic about our first nomination to the European Search Awards!

From 4 Founders to 300+ Employees Across 4 Countries 

Just eight years ago, Obsidian Digital was founded and run by our four founders. Today, we are a company of over 300 professionals across Denmark, Finland, Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 2016 our vision was to set the standards in digital marketing while our mission was to help our clients to navigate and win profit on digital platforms. This enormous growth is a testament to having lived up to those expectations.

Here are a few quick facts on Obsidian Digital: 

300+ employees with an ambitious goal of being ca. 500 employees in 2025

Multiple Offices: We operate out of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Leipzig, Helsinki and Banja Luka

In 2023 we managed advertising budgets exceeding 1 billion DKK

Industry recognition: We hold the most official success cases for Facebook, Snapchat, Google and Pinterest in the nordics

We achieved Google Premier Partner status faster than any other agency in the Nordics (less than 12 months)

The Power of Cross-Cultural Collaboration 

While our trajectory is not just about rapid growth and geographical expansion, it is also about consistently pushing the limits of what’s possible in performance marketing. In the heart of succeeding in doing so, is our people and the partnerships they have built across borders – both geographically and culturally. Managing Director in Banja Luka, Frederik Nyland Jespersen on the collaboration across borders: 

In performance marketing, precision is everything. Our teams thrive by building strong relationships, where they draw on each other’s strengths and perspectives to cover any gaps. It’s all about complimenting each other and working as a united front.

Frederik Nyland Jespersen

Managing Director, Banja Luka
Obsidian Digital

Obsidian Digital as an international challenger 

In performance marketing, securing recognition at an esteemed level such as the European Search Awards is more than just an honor; it is a benchmark of excellence, innovation and effectiveness in PPC across Europe. Then why haven’t we put the Obsidian name out there before? Well back to the saying – we have had our nose in the track, securing results for our clients for the past 8 years. 

We’re out to build a challenger to the big legacy media agencies. This has been the goal since day 1, but we did not have the mandate back then. We still don’t, but we’re getting there. Showcasing the work done by our dedicated consultants is a natural next step for us, and we recognize the status of the European Search Awards as the premier award show for the industry.

Halfdan Timm
Co-founder & Partner
Obsidian Digital

We believe that part of becoming an international challenger is a transition from a Performance Marketing Agency to a 360 Digital Marketing Agency. Over the years we have expanded our product portfolio and will continue to do so. This strategic shift allows us to offer our clients a holistic digital marketing solution and navigate the ever-changing business landscape.

On that note, we will still be keeping our noses in the track. We will still create results for our clients, and now we also want to challenge the status quo of performance marketing locally and globally.


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