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Success story: How a culture-focused campaign won the German market – MONSOON x Clearlight Saunas

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Published Date 30.04.2024

We’re excited to be nominated in the BEST PPC CAMPAIGN (SMALL) category for our data-driven and culture-centered approach with Google Ads for Clearlight Saunas.

Our client aimed to solidify its foothold in the German market. Recognizing the crucial role of empathy in digital marketing, we focused on deeply understanding our target audience’s considerations during their research on what could make Clearlight stand out in a competitive auction. 

Our communication strategy was created after an in-depth analysis of the German audience, their pain points, and cultural factors, which is unique and something that not every marketing agency considers. We employed our original Market Entry Strategy and are pleased to say that it has again been a key factor in our success.

Where does the in-depth analysis lead us?

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, trying to understand their feelings as they take every step on the conversion path. 

We conducted a SWOT analysis of the business and interviewed Clearlight’s sales team to uncover the key challenges faced by their German customers. Additionally, we analyzed the competition’s traffic sources and communication styles across various platforms, enabling us to develop detailed buyer personas and pinpoint Clearlight’s target audience.

Using this information, we crafted buyer personas detailing their goals, motivations, and pain points. We also examined cultural factors specific to Germany, drawing on studies by Hofstede and Hall, which are vital for tailoring our ad communication. From this groundwork, we segmented our communication into three distinct groups, each designed to resonate with different customer needs based on their specific requirements.

Google Ads campaign which earned us a place in the final

Eye-catching content is crucial in an era of increasingly automated campaigns like Pmax. We direct the algorithm toward specific keywords and target audiences, but ultimately, the effectiveness of our copy and graphics is what truly matters. The ads we crafted were built upon our prior research and our deep expertise in content creation.

Thanks to this approach, within five months, the campaign significantly reduced the average cost per conversion, and the number of conversions exceeded the initially estimated goal.

Meet MONSOON – a Digital Marketing Agency that will help your business reach new highs

Clearlight Sauna is only one of many clients we help navigate through the German market. Although we specialize in crafting and executing strategies for the DACH region, we also have a successful track record with clients across other European countries, the USA, and Australia.

At MONSOON Agency, we excel in helping brands distinguish themselves in the digital space, enhance their sales through finely tuned ad campaigns, break into new markets, and boost their overall revenue. We employ specialists from various European cities, ensuring we have the best team for each project.

Our commitment to excellence and tailored strategies have made us a favored partner for diverse businesses. From innovative startups to global powerhouses, our expertise is recognized and sought after. Our emphasis on close collaboration and clear communication ensures we are always aligned with our partner’s goals.

What can you expect from a partnership with us?

  • Our actions are data-driven, whether we work on a launch strategy where we need to deliver a market entry analysis or when we work with a well-established brand. We thrive on understanding your business, its unique challenges, and the audience you want to reach. 
  • With in-depth knowledge of major platforms such as Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and TikTok, as well as less popular advertising systems, we create campaigns that not only attract attention but also reach your business goals. We know where and when your brand should be present.
  • We pride ourselves on being proactive. We don’t just do what’s expected — we consistently go above and beyond. By thinking, planning, and testing ahead, we ensure our partners are always ahead of the competition. Curiosity fuels our growth. We constantly challenge the status quo, always hunting for innovative strategies and testing novel solutions.

With Monsoon, you’re not just getting a marketing agency. You’re partnering with forward-thinkers who never settle. 

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